Live Updates from the Urban Meyer Call-In Show Oct. 5, 2017

Urban Meyer Ohio State Football

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer sits down for his weekly call-in show on the Ohio State IMG Radio Network today. The show kicks off shortly and we will provide live updates throughout the hour. Here are the highlights.

+ There was a communications issue last week with the phones from the press box to the sideline. It’s a bad feeling when it happens. If you want to see a bunch of 50-year old guys panicking, watch the sidelines when communications go out.

+ The special teams are ranked No. 1 in the country. The punting game would be, but they do a lot of pooch punts. The kick coverage is elite right now. Buckeye fans “should love these guys” on special teams. “Those guys are animals running down the field.”

+ You’re not supposed to be a fan, but he’s a fan of Dante Booker. He’s always been solid and never messed around. He’s had injuries, but it is neat to see him perform on a consistent basis.

+ They have a very good group of players right now, but it remains to be seen if they have the fight and the toughness to get through adversity.

+ Meyer thought Art Schlichter’s passing records would be unbreakable because you don’t expect to ever have a 4-year starter at quarterback.

+ Terry McLaurin had a chance to get a guy who got him last week, “and he got him.” They don’t condone it, but it happens, especially when a player has been cheapshotted himself.

+ Once in a while, he will be made aware of a player being close to a personal high statistically, and if the situation is right, he might keep a player in, but not usually.

+ The depth on the offensive line isn’t where it needs to be yet, but he really likes the three freshmen. Matt Burrell is coming on a little bit, but not where he needs to be.

+ Other than one game this season, the offense has played well. They are realistic about who they have played well against, though. The challenges will continue to ramp up now. The last three weeks have been outstanding, but that was expected. The weakest units are improving.

+ Meyer is very happy to talk about Rashod Berry. He wasn’t sure Berry was going to make it. He was never a bad guy, just a non-factor. “Something clicked in the last six or seven months.” He was mature and was willing to do anything for the team. He was a little hesitant to moving it, but has embraced it. When you put your team ahead of yourself, incredible things happen, and you’re seeing that with him. He’s one of the most talented guys on the team, he just needs some consistency. Tight end was the weakest unit and now it is improving.

+ Maryland is a very talented team. The win over Texas is proof of that. Their third quarterback has been established now and so they view him as a solid starter. He impressed as a runner last week too.

+ They received a positive medical report on Dre’Mont Jones’ leg injury and he should be good to go next week.

+ Maryland’s offense will provide a much stiffer test for the OSU pass defense.

+ Meyer thinks there should be a maximum of two road night games per season. It is tough on student-athletes. He has voiced his concerns to Gene Smith, but Smith has explained to him that the athletics facilities at Ohio State are paid for with TV money.

+ Mike Weber had a hamstring tear and it was close to needing surgery, which could have cost him the season. They tried having him come back early and he could feel the scar tissue pulling. He’s good now and is in great shape.

+ Demario McCall still isn’t where he was last year, but he’s getting close. “At some point he’s going to make an impact in our program.”

+ Kerry Coombs is always excitable. He gets excited when there’s a nice lunch in the facility.

+ The pass defense is okay but needs to continue to challenge themselves to get better and to reach the standard at Ohio State.

+ This is a very good group of blocking receivers, including tight end Marcus Baugh. They all strain after the catch for their teammates. It’s as good as Meyer has had in this regard. “I can’t imagine many better in the country.”