Two-Minute Drill: Urban Meyer Post-Practice Updates Oct. 4

Urban Meyer Two-Minute Drill

Following Ohio State football practice Wednesday evening, head coach Urban Meyer spoke with the media. He provided updates on his team and also previewed the Buckeyes’ upcoming opponent, Maryland. Here are the highlights.

+ Meyer expects Jamarco Jones to be as good as there is in the country. He’s playing well and he’s got some more in the tank.

+ The Maryland game against Texas was a high-scoring game and their other games have not been, but you still have to take into account what they are capable of. OSU assistants have had conversations with Tom Herman about personnel.

+ Tracy Sprinkle’s story is a good one. It could have turned out the wrong way and it turned out the right way. If you meet his family, you’d know he’d never turn out the wrong way. They keep families on speed dial at Ohio State because they want them involved.

+ The linebackers were very average early in the season and the energy was average. OSU is closer to a high school program than NFL program, so they need to develop with energy, which Davis has done the last two weeks.

+ Maryland is much better this year. The win at Texas is proof of that, as is their win at Minnesota with a third-string quarterback. As a program, they are close to being a power. They “have a nice little tradition” and they have a strong recruiting base.

+ The receivers are blossoming. They are grinders and non-complainers. They might be the most selfless group he has ever had. The 2014 group became selfless. Meyer kind of thinks all six starters are NFL players.

+ Meyer said they did a full investigation into how Dre’Mont Jones was injured. He is pain free now and should be back next week.

+ They have been working very hard to block a punt, but it is so much more difficult to block punts in football now. Techniques in punting are much different.

+ The Buckeyes are close to being nine strong.