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Accost the Field — Episode 12: It Sure Can Get Cold in Iowa City

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The title of this podcast borrows from an old Tom T. Hall song about a cold night at a hotel in Des Moines, but I thought it fit here so I’m using it. It was 13 below in Tom’s song, so I doubt he was tough enough to go without a coat like I can.

Anyway, we obviously talked about the Iowa game and how it relates to the Michigan State game.

We also touched on what was said this week by the coaches and players.

We then spend more time on Michigan State because there is actually a very big game this weekend.

We then ended with some listener questions.

The Rundown

01:30 – Tony doesn’t eat mayonnaise sandwiches.

04:30 – Iowa rehash.

05:15 – Coordinators taking responsibility for not getting the team prepared.

07:20 – The struggles in the back seven of the Ohio State defense.

09:00 – Thoughts on the Buckeye linebackers.

13:45 – Does the defense need to be simplified?

17:00 – The defensive line’s role in pass defense.

19:30 – Michigan State will borrow from Iowa’s game plan.

21:40 – And we turn to the offensive problems and J.T. Barrett.

24:45 – The lack of touches for the running backs.

28:40 – Football dates back one thousand years.

29:50 – “Just hand the ball off.”

33:30 – Can Kevin Wilson do his own thing in order to get the RB the ball?

36:20 – OSU’s record when the QB leads the team in rushes.

40:20 – Does this team panic?

44:10 – The road team always wins between Ohio State and Michigan State.

46:00 – Michigan State’s offense.

49:30 – The division tie-breaker situation.

57:00 – People should be concerned about Michigan State.

59:00 – Listener questions!

1:14:30 – Shannon rants about OSU getting punished by the NCAA in 2010, but Alabama gets nothing for selling autographs in 2009.

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