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Buckeyes Open as 13-Point Favorites at Michigan

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Ohio State has opened up as 13-point favorites for next Saturday’s game at Michigan. installed the Buckeyes at that number, which then quickly jumped to -13.5 for the Buckeyes.

Ohio State was a 5-point favorite in last year’s double-overtime classic between the No. 2 Buckeyes and No. 3 Wolverines.

Here are the lines for each of the games since 2001.

2016: OSU -5
2015: Pick’em
2014: OSU -21
2013: OSU -16
2012: OSU -3.5
2011: UM -7.5
2010: OSU -17
2009: OSU -11.5
2008: OSU -20
2007: OSU -4
2006: OSU -7
2005: OSU -3
2004: UM -5.5
2003: UM -7
2002: OSU -4
2001: UM +8.5

OSU has won the last five games between the two teams, and 14 of the 16 matchups this century.

Ohio State and Michigan will kickoff at 12:00 pm next Saturday on FOX.

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  1. I really hope Im wrong because this is the biggest game of the year for me. But I have Michigan winning this one because they will stop the run and put pressure on Barrett. Everyone knows what that means. also Mich does a lot of play action passing and our linebackers will get lit up. Sorry guys just my opinion.

  2. that seems like a lot of points at their place. Their defense has been top notch except for when things snowballed at Penn State.

  3. I may be over rating Michigan, I liked them to beat Wis. & they didn’t. But 13 points seems way to much to me. I would settle right now for a 1 point victory. I know that would probably keep us out of the national game but a loss to Michigan is too much a load to bear for a year! The only thing I allow myself to hate is cancer, but Michigan football comes close!!! I think the spread will increase as the week goes on, well see.

    1. The thing is that point spreads really aren’t meant to predict who will win at all – at least that’s not the primary purpose. A point spread is meant to get people to bet on both sides equally. 13.5 is supposed to get people who otherwise wouldn’t bet at all or would bet on the Buckeyes to bet on M*ch*gan. When enough people do then the line comes down so the overall money bet is even. If people really think the Bucks blow ’em out in the Big Outhouse then the line will increase.

      1. Thanks for the tutorial but you are not really right in your belief about what the spread represents. True, the exact point spread is not a prediction of the margin of victory AND is designed to draw the maximum amount of betting from both sides. However, it sure as hell indicates who the HOUSE thinks will win the game. The average change in a spread (which is dictated by actual betting) is very small unless there is new information on injuries or other things that could change the expected outcome. UM has a good defense but their extreme aggressiveness can be used against them by a little misdirection and the long ball . . . just it happened against both PSU and Wisconsin.
        JT has to throw the ball accurately and often to loosen up their defense against our run.

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