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First Full Look at Ohio State’s Uniforms for Michigan Game


ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted out a full look at the alternate uniforms Ohio State will wear when they play Michigan on November 25. It is essentially the road version of the alternate uniforms they wore against Penn State.


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  1. When did Ohio State football become a game of dress up like girls play? Football’s about getting dirty, grass stains mixed with blood, sweat and tears. This alt uniform crap doesn’t look like my Buckeyes I can tell you that. If they keep screwing with the traditions up there they’re going to have even more trouble filling up the shoe. Trying new ideas and change can be good but in my opinion this alt uniform girly dress up game is not a change for the better.

    1. Yep. Girls obsess over clothing and change a lot, borrow their friends’ things, dye their hair, wear makeup, etc., all facile and surface appearances to attract attention, mostly sexual. That’s fine for girls (and metrosexual salesmen selling bull crap). Some of them need it. Juvenile thinkers go for it too. Short attention spans. Bright shiny objects attract their attention. That’s not Ohio State. We don’t have to do that. We attract attention by playing great football—and we look good! They are marketing to the wrong crowd including the recruits. So potential recruits say they like the novelty suits? Ask them if they like pizza, girls, and Xbox. Give me a break. What 17 year old doesn’t go for noveltyy? Most people everywhere want to see the the Buckeyes in their familiar and cherished colors and accoutrements and find comfort and coherence in that—especially veterans and soldiers far from home, displaced Buckeyes forced to live out of state, graduates and alumni, and casual fans from all over the world (and there are many). They prefer the Buckeyes they remember from the big games going back before Nike became a big daddy and everything Buckeye became for sale. It’s disappointing even to other fans to tune in and see novelty uniforms in unfamiliar colors. USC and UCLA will play their biggest rivalry game, the PAC-12’s biggest rivalry game, their version of the OSU-UM game this Saturday and they’ll both be wearing their beautiful traditional home uniforms which everybody but the elite would be plenty disappointed not to see. I hate USC but their uniforms are great. Ohio State is one of the only big time teams that play attention harlette to get recruits’ attention. Different makeup and a wig attracts shallow boys who aren’t interested in a degree and will leave before graduation. We need young men. Respect Ohio State and the Scarlet and Gray and the uniform that Woody Hayes designed. Honor the past in these areas. There are some things you can’t improve upon. You go from Venus de Milo to splattering paint on a canvas. Tradition including the tradition of winning is the greatest legacy Ohio State football has to offer and the source of distinction from every other mediocrity and fair weather wannabe. It’s not just for old timers but anybody who begins to appreciate the deeper meaning that ties the generations. See, that allows for the occasional “throwback” tribute uniform of which I have no problem.

  2. I like the idea of new designs but, home jerseys must be substantially scarlet and away must have gray.

  3. Want to change it, vote no by just watching the game on TV. Let the stands be virtually empty for a game. Then you got their attention. Otherwise, just accept that they don’t care much about tradition, or good looking uniforms.

  4. Stop complaining.

    The equation is pretty simple…

    Nike = Money = New Facilities = 5 Star Recruits = Winning

    If you enjoy winning, stop complaining.

  5. What channel is the game on? I would hate to flip through the channels and pass right by because I won’t recognize them(sarcasm)! Welcome to 2017 everybody!! Certainly not a great time for this country for MANY reasons…..this ain’t one of them!

      1. Kevin, quit being an enabler.

  6. So, I am one of the old guys, attended my first game with my Dad in 1954, and I like the idea of alternative uniforms, other than need some more scarlet/gray. But current players/students generally like them, and it gives Nike a tremendous marketing opportunity they won’t get with some of the “mediocre” programs mentioned in other comments.
    Having said that, my preference would be Nike donate $$ as a marketing tool to support some of the programs for helping players affected by head trauma and other football injuries.

  7. I think it’s fun reading these posts from old guys complaining about the uniforms. If we didn’t have change, OSU wouldn’t even have buckeye leaves on their helmets or they’d have those god awful huge buckeye leaves from the 70’s. I prefer seeing the throw back uni’s, but I don’t mind seeing something different for a game or two

    1. Sounds great, if you automatically think change= good. The mere fact that something is new does not make it better. That’s the problem- the company in charge of making it different has no sense of taste, Its crass and horrible. SCARLET and gray…scarlet and gray…scarlet and gray…Its called good judgment, which in this case has been totally ignored for dollar signs.

      1. These are probably my least favorite alternate uni’s. Although, bad change did lead to good change before. Once we had no buckeye leaves on helmets(boring). Then those awful huge buckeye leaves (bad change) were used, BUT those led to the beautiful helmets our team wear now. You guys are so bland. Sure your not Nebraska fans?

  8. those are maybe the worst yet—quit changing the uniforms, especially in the traditional big fans seem to ever like these , me included

  9. take it easy boys winning is all that matters not wtf they wear

    1. Uhh, yeah…it DOES Matter. Its cheap gimmickry and, last time I checked, OSU didn’t need gimmickry to generate excitement (I hope anyway). Gross, a total whiff and unrecognizable as OSU. Thanks Nike, keep spewing crap.

      1. Does Alabama wear alternative uniforms? If so, I couldn’t find them anywhere. So if Alabama doesn’t need to coin from Nike, and doesn’t require whatever interest it generates, then we shouldn’t either.

        I’m sure Meyer sees it as an advantage, but yeah. . .again. . .it just seems like it shouldn’t be THIS difficult to get a design that a majority like. It’s almost like Nike is trying to dick with us.

  10. Agreed. I’m not ideologically opposed to alternate jerseys, but they ought to be instantly recognizable as OSU.

    1. yes. or at least more universally appealing.

  11. That’s what happens Gene when you SELL YOUR SOUL

  12. Remember Nike owner is a friend of Urban, need i say more? Those things are ugly as sin. Stay with the original uniforms, please!

  13. Though I’m not a huge fan of these uniforms, I would suggest that future recruits like the idea, as well as the current players. Beside the obvious merchandising angle, I think in the long run, these alternate uniforms are a good idea.

  14. Regular helmets, please! And why is that stupid Ray Lewis pose now used everywhere? People are such lemmings.

  15. Round two of idiocracy with these uniform changes. Agree, this is what Kansas, Colo St., Rice does to generate “excitement” in the program. This is just plain wrong, especially for The Game! Pls stop it!!

  16. Don’t mind the white, really a different shade of grey. PUT BUCKEYE RED NUMBERS AND ALSO IN THE STRIPING. Our colors are scarlet & grey!

  17. Not as bad as a road uniform – the Buckeyes wore road uniforms at home when they clobbered Penn State. But what the heck is the deal with almost eliminating the scarlet? Unless I’m mistaken, OSU is STILL the Scarlet and Gray, not the Gray (or White) and Black. It’s all about marketing and selling product, but this is one fan that ain’t buyin’! Just play the darn game, beat the Team Up North, and move on. Next some fashion froo-froo will have them wearing pink lace chinstraps.

  18. Welcome to the world where Nike $$ is more important than anything else.

  19. I hate effin’ Nike. Typical excuse – do it for the recruits. If they don’t like the traditional Scarlet and Gray, then screw them. It was good enough for Les, Vic, Hop, Archie, Eddie, Troy and so many others.

    This uni is a friggin’ train wreck.

  20. Dear God, again??? Its OSU/UM and the uniforms should be the ones that have made OSU recognizable for decades. One side should be in maize and blue and the other in scarlet and gray. How freaking hard is this??

  21. Fail. Since when were our uniforms not good enough? Mediocre teams need something like that to get attention but not Ohio State. Tossing aside tradition is getting tiresome and it doesn’t help us win games.

  22. Why? Quit messing with the uniforms.

  23. WTF?! WHY? I knew this shit would get out of control with Nike. We were told it would be maybe, once a year. Now here we are twice in the same year. These are ugly as shit!

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