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Video: Tuesday Interviews with Greg Schiano, J.T. Barrett, Sam Hubbard, Terry McLaurin

Greg Schiano Ohio State Football Buckeyes

COLUMBUS — Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano spoke with the media Tuesday night, as did quarterback J.T. Barrett, defensive end Sam Hubbard, and wide receiver Terry McLaurin. They covered the loss at Iowa as well as Saturday’s game against Michigan State. You can see most of what they had to say in the videos below.

Greg Schiano

Gteg Schiano is live…

Posted by The Ozone on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

J.T. Barrett

OSU QB J.T. Barrett reviews the Buckeyes’ 55-24 loss to Iowa and previews this weekend’s showdown with Michigan State.

Posted by The Ozone on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Sam Hubbard

OSU DE Sam Hubbard reviews the Buckeyes’ 55-24 loss to Iowa and previews this weekend’s showdown with Michigan State.

Posted by The Ozone on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Terry McLaurin

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  1. One of 2 things in Coach Schiano’s answers. He was lost and had no answers. A guy in coaching that long cannot possibly be, what appeared to me as, confused. Football is a relatively simple game with a few flourishes and nuances, but, it’s not confusing. He looked as though he was searching for answers and could find none that would make any sense. People get on me because I’m critical but how else can you be when a Coach is so dumbfounded by simple questions?

    The universal theme is that they have to move on from Iowa. Absolutely agree. Over the last 4 years though this is the most uncomfortable I’ve seen JT meeting with the media. Don’t know about anyone else but I could sense his disappointment more than having answers. He’s normally laid back, but, he’s always prepared even for hard questions. I really do hope that he can get his head back into the game and focus on what and who is ahead. Iowa played MSU tough but no one in their right mind thinks those 2 rosters are anywhere near equal. MSU is top to bottom a better team. For US the Iowa game will be a thorn, but for the players, they don’t get that luxury of trying to figure out all the things that went wrong. A better program than the one who just ruined them is coming to town and they aren’t riding reindeer with a Jolly Old Fat Dude steering them in. They need to prepare for these guys with sharp focus or they’ll blown off the field.

    Sam Hubbard is SOOOOOOOOOOO easy to read. If the rest of the defensive linemen are in the same frame of mind that Sam is, MSU better be wearing their big boy pants. I really don’t anticipate another laid egg game from that defensive front. I also don’t believe that Larry Johnson will allow his line to hung out to dry like they were in that Iowa game. I smell vengeance.

    Outstanding comments from Terry McLaurin. Completely not concerned about his production moving forward. Very smart and well spoken young man.

    1. Dont worry about people saying you are criticle. That is because you are a fan, not a cheerleader. One thing I will say though is Im tired of hearing about lets really get pumped up and beat MSU. They were 3 and 9 last year and when they got the hell out of the Big Ten they got blown off the field by Notre Dame. This game will be won by 17 or more points. With the talent gap, if that doesnt happen then the problem is deeper than we think.

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