OSU Seniors Throw Postgame Block Party With Fans


COLUMBUS — Ohio State’s 52-14 win over Illinois was largely forgettable. The Buckeyes jumped out to a 28-0 lead in the first quarter and never looked back.

In fact, the most memorable moment from the game may have actually come after the clock hit 0:00. A group of OSU seniors, who just played their final home game in Ohio Stadium, climbed into the stands and went up into Block O to thank Buckeye fans for their support.

Three defensive linemen, Jalyn Holmes, Tracey Sprinkle, and Tyquan Lewis led the charge, along with linebacker Chris Worley and safety Damon Webb.

Worley said that was a spontaneous decision after the game.

“We were just talking about having a party on the field, on the 50,” Worley said. “Jalyn Holmes and Tracey said ‘we want to go up to Block O in the stands.’ We went up there. It was more people than I thought. Damon Webb was up there, and it was like ‘how did y’all get up here?’ It was crazy.”

Lewis said that in addition to thanking fans who sat through the second half monsoon, it was also a chance to create one final, and lasting, memory in the Horseshoe.

“We were going to go out with a bang, you know? Just to do something to cherish the moment, cherish all the fans, especially the fans in the Block O section. Because they bring the juice every week when we play at home,” said Lewis.

“It’s the last time I’ll be able to do something like that, so I just wanted to. Me, Tracey, Worley, Jalyn, Dame, we just did that because it was the last opportunity.”

Watch the videos below to get a first-hand look at their climb up into South Stands, their celebration in Block O, and then their visit with even more fans underneath South Stands afterward.


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