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Photo Gallery | Ohio State at Michigan | Nov. 25

Ohio State Football Buckeyes in Michigan Tunnel


Check out our photos from Ohio State’s 31-20 win at Michigan via Jim Davidson and Dan Harker. More photos will be added throughout the night.

Photo Gallery





3 Responses

  1. These are technically wonderful photos that are RUINED by the awful alternate uniforms. Not much even a good photographer can do when the BEST looking unis in the shot are maize and blue! (Never thought I’d say THAT.) If there is any way in the wide, wide world of sports to lose the alternate jerseys for 2018, DO IT.

    1. I wouldn’t go that far. No uniform ever conceived of upon this Earth is Meatchicken’s urine colored panted and ugly helmets……Pure Meatchicken…Pure scUM

      1. I’ve had it with the alternate uniforms, they are a joke. At least scUM played in their true colors. If any OSU fan comments that they actually like being lumped in with a team such as Oregon, which relies on uniform parlor tricks and gimmicks to maintain a (rapidly) fading interest in their lame team, I will eat my hat. Gross, gross, gross, unnecessary, disrespectful of the tradition- abort these unis immediately, no excuses!

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