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Maybe it is the cool, crisp bite to the late November winds?

I cannot explain the way this week warms and chills me to my core.

Can we see the Buckeye Offense of late, or does JTB have to win this one alone?

How does the Buckeye Offense move the ball against one of the best defenses in the NCAA?

I asked these questions and more to Michael Citro and Brandon Zimmerman this week.

Games like this one are why these Student-Athletes go to Ohio State.

Another pair of Gold Pants, from our namesake Francis Schmidt, that is the goal.

Never easy to go to Ann Arbor, but Urban Meyer knows how to prepare for The Game.

Some games do not need a lot of words or introductions.

Understanding the rivalry is as important as getting your black stripe removed.

College Football’s greatest game, set out before this next round of Buckeyes.

Kumbaya, my Lord! I have chills running down my spine already!

Simply The Game!

We went a little long this week because games like this one deserve all the attention we can give them. Plus, Michael had like 18 rants for his Sons of a Schmidt. Please make sure you send him (@mike36fan) as many red X’s as possible. He loves them more than words can say.

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