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Watch: Urban Meyer, Billy Price, and Tyquan Lewis Speak After Loss at Iowa

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer spoke for a few minutes following Ohio State’s 55-24 loss at Iowa. Also speaking with the media were captains Billy Price and Tyquan Lewis.

OSU head coach Urban Meyer discusses the Buckeyes’ 55-24 upset loss at Iowa.

Posted by The Ozone on Saturday, November 4, 2017

OSU C Billy Price and DE Tyquan Lewis discuss their shocking 55-24 blowout loss to Iowa.

Posted by The Ozone on Saturday, November 4, 2017

OSU DE Tyquan Lewis discusses the Buckeyes’ shocking 55-24 loss to Iowa.

Posted by The Ozone on Saturday, November 4, 2017

2 Responses

  1. Lewis and Price are accountable players & leaders with class for this Buckeye team. Bless their hearts for coming out and giving honest answers to heartbreaking questions…”uh Tyquan, you stayed another year to have another shot…how does it feel now?” Nice question idiot reporter…why don’t you just pour a little more salt in his wound.
    Our over-paid Offensive & Defensive coordinators however, are NOT accountable and were conspicuously missing from this presser. THEY are the ones responsible for getting this team ready physically & emotionally, COACHES are the ones responsible for PLAY CALLING. Where the heck was our 7 yards per carry running back in the 2nd half. Was Kevin Wilson trying to do too much again? Why leave JT out there with 2-then 3 interceptions? What adjustments were made at halftime? any? WHY is this team playing completely below their recruited talent level and getting blown out by lesser teams?

  2. For as many top recruiting classes Meyer and staff have pulled in, his teams underachieve. How the hell do you not only lose to Iowa but get demolished in the manner you did? Your defense quit at halftime. I have never seen a buckeye team quit like that. There is no excuse for that loss. I think the staff is getting complacent and there is a lack of effort from the players. The mental lapses just leave me floored. Pull those clowns and put someone else out there. Get their attention. I will say this. Thank God Iowa torched these posers. Can you imagine if this team got to the playoffs as a 4 seed and had to play Alabama? You think Iowa was tough? At least we are saved from that potential debacle. I said all year after seeing the Oklahoma game that this wasn’t a playoff team. The PSU game had me second guessing myself but Iowa calcifies that belief. Lets take our outback bowl in which half the juniors won’t play due to leaving early for the draft along with any senior with NFL aspirations.

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