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Accost the Field — Episode 17: A Committee of Infractions

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In this edition of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Shannon Sommers discuss the College Football Playoff selection committee’s decision to watch Alabama-Clemson instead of Ohio State-Clemson.

Also on the docket are men’s basketball, Joe Burrow discussing his future, recruiting, Jim Harbaugh, and much, much more.

The Rundown

+ Either the committee talk starts the show out or basketball talk.

+ Then second is either basketball talk or committee talk. I probably could just listen to the show and let you know.

+ Recruiting — the decommitment of Brenton Cox and the commitment of Tyreke Johnson and what it all means.

+ The future of the OSU defensive line. (I think we discussed this while we were talking about Brenton Cox.)

+ Joe Burrow evaluating his situation and his future and where he wants to be next year.

+ Scott Frost being a home run for Nebraska.

+ Jim Harbaugh outsourcing his quarterback development. (Actually, this may have started the show.)

+ Listener questions: More committee talk; Is the B1G actually good this year?; Is a 9-game conference schedule hurting Ohio State?; 6- or 8-team playoff expansion?; and Twitter rumors.

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2 Responses

  1. totally think needs expanded to 8..i’m “old school” but that doesn’t mean i don’t what what i think is best, most exciting, and most importantly–the most fair…go to 8…you say on here you want the last/rivalry games to remain important–and the rivalry games always will be—but alabama LOST by 12 to auburn, OSU wins at scUM by 11..went on to also win their conf championship–yet alabama gets in the playoff anyway..–so not really sure how that point makes sense in not expanding to 8 and keeping the rivalry games meaningful…??? the rivalry games will stay meaningful because of the teams and rivalry…all other college football divisions have 16 team playoffs…there is really no good argument keeping division 1 (old school name haha) limited to 4 teams…8 will happen at some point sooner than later because it’s most fair and on top of that will make the most revenue too.

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