Ohio State Football Notebook: ‘I’m lucky to be on that man’s team’

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A Little Thought

Every year, Ohio State has players with eligibility remaining who have to make a decision about the NFL Draft.

This year, there are 10 or so players who will be weighing their options, including fourth-year junior receiver Johnnie Dixon.

Dixon’s decision, however, will have factors in it that most players won’t. The main point of interest is that he is now healthy for the first time in his college football career, and now might be the time to take advantage of it by leaving early.

In terms of production, Dixon has just 18 catches this season, and only one for nine yards in the last four games. But he leads the team with eight touchdowns, and his impact has been felt in a significant manner throughout this season. He has shown himself to be an unselfish playmaker, which is common on this team, but sometimes hard to find elsewhere.

So is he thinking about the NFL yet?

“A little bit, but I mean not something that takes over my day thinking about that right now because we’ve still got to go take care of business now,” he said. “So, I mean give it a little bit of thought but nothing major.”

Barrett a Future Coach?

Buckeye head coach Urban Meyer has said in the past that he wants J.T. Barrett to become a coach when his playing days are done. He believes Barrett’s leadership qualities would be of great use when it comes to shaping young men.

Barrett, however, isn’t sure what he wants to do after football, but he’s sure he doesn’t want it to revolve around an alarm clock.

“I’m not sure exactly. After I’m done playing football, or after the profession I choose to do, which, I have no idea what it is. I want to be living a non-stressful life,” he said. “I want to not have to set an alarm clock to get up. That means a lot to me. It’s almost like at my leisure whether I choose to work or not. Whatever that job is, I’m gonna be out searching for it.”

What about coaching?

“A coach?” he asked. “No, I don’t see that.”

If it’s a job where he doesn’t have to set an alarm clock, that eventually means afternoons on the radio in Columbus.

Just Lucky I Guess?

As the only three-time captain in Ohio State football history, J.T. Barrett is in a league of his own. Through his leadership and actions on the field, he kept that captaincy without any doubts along the way.

His teammates have complete faith in him to get the job done — whatever that job might be, and it’s not just the guys on offense who he practices with every day.

“I feel like I’ve played with the greatest Ohio State quarterback of all-time,” defensive end Jalyn Holmes said. “He’s got the numbers to back it up. I told him, ‘I owe you.’ Him playing in that Wisconsin game, knowing what he went through, to still go out and play that hard and efficient for his teammates, I don’t think anybody could do that. I’m lucky to be on that man’s team.”

Deep Pockets

The Buckeyes will arrive in Texas on December 23, which means they will spend Christmas away from home.

There are still plans to celebrate the day, however, including a rented bowling alley and a Secret Santa gift exchange. When told about the gift exchange by reporters, linebacker Jerome Baker was caught off guard, but quickly righted himself.

“Is that how it is?” he asked. “I want my secret Santa to be like Urban Meyer. Coach Schiano. Those guys make some real money. Deep pockets. Guys like that.”

What is he hoping to get on the 25th?

“If anybody’s listening, I want some more games for my PS4. Some clothes for my daughter. Stuff like that,” he said smiling.