Ohio State Football Notebook: ‘We’ve definitely got to change that’

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Born To Be Balanced

Urban Meyer’s ideal offensive game is 250 yards rushing and 250 yards passing for the Buckeyes. He wants balance because balance makes an offense more difficult to anticipate and more difficult to defend.

Ohio State managed to hit that mark in five of their first seven games, but haven’t reached it in any of their last six games.

That isn’t always a bad thing, however, as the most important thing is the threat of being able to run or pass. And sometimes the running game is going so well that the pass almost becomes unnecessary.

But when the running game is going — as it has been since the loss to Iowa, it opens up the passing game for big gainers, as was seen in the Big Ten Championship Game against Wisconsin.

“You always want to be balanced, and being able to lean on the running game — and not just for five or six yards, but to be able to have home run plays in the run game as well as the pass game, it just opens up the offense that much more,” left tackle Jamarco Jones said.

“It creates throwing lanes because people try to stack the box a little bit more when you start running the ball. The passing and the running game go hand in hand. They complement each other really well. When you’re both clicking it’s pretty hard to stop.”

Big-Time Plays, Big-Time Games

Tied with Wisconsin 7-7 late in the first quarter, Ohio State receiver Parris Campbell took a little swing pass and split two defenders before racing 57 yards for a touchdown in the Big Ten Championship Game.

Not only did it give the Buckeyes the lead, but it showed the Badgers that Ohio State’s earlier big-play touchdown by Terry McLaurin was no fluke.

It was a big moment for Campbell personally, but also big for the team when it happened.

“It’s huge, especially on the stage that we played on,” Campbell said on Friday. “Honestly, when I got back to the sideline I was like, ‘Wow, I just scored in the Big Ten Championship.’ But it’s huge to be able to make those plays for my teammates. Just to be able to get that momentum back it was huge for us.”

Time for Film Study?

It has been over a week since Ohio State and USC were announced as combatants in the 2017 Cotton Bowl, which means that the Buckeyes are neck deep in film study of what they’re going to see when they face the Trojans on the field, right?

“No, the first period of bowl season is conditioning and fundamentals,” defensive end Sam Hubbard said. “Everybody’s been on the road recruiting, so we haven’t really had a team meeting yet. We’ve just been with Coach Mick and the strength staff staying in condition. Game plan is phase two. That starts up next week or the week after that. I think we’ll get a little more into the matchup then.”

It’s About Time

When Ohio State and USC do finally suit up against each other, it will be nearly 44 years since the Buckeyes last defeated the Trojans.

As an amazing aside, OSU has beaten Michigan 23 times since the last win over USC.

Have the players been doing their history about the Ohio State-USC rivalry?

“No, I haven’t really done any history yet, but I plan on doing some,” said senior safety Damon Webb. “I know USC and Ohio State are two great programs. The Big Ten and the Pac 12, the Rose Bowl. I’m definitely going to do my history.”

And what does he think about USC winning the last seven games against the Buckeyes?

“Yeah, I didn’t know that,” he said. “We’ve definitely got to change that.”


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  1. In August 2009 I had the privilege of watching the USC-OSU game with OJ Simpson while on a Medivac to Florida. I actually enjoyed his company – as a retired paratrooper and athlete myself, we first met by way of introduction at a hotel lounge. OJ came to hotel every day for 17-days and called my room via the desk to come down for drinks.

    OJ and argued and harassed each other like warriors; we both had knee surgeries, back surgeries and who was the most banged up. I was amazed he has two knee replacements.

    He signed a NFL Signature Football for me, and I think he might have turned to Islam as he wrote, “Peace be to you” Buffalo Bills HOF 1100 yards.”

    While I don’t condone his actions off the field to those of us in high school in the early 70s, he was a Buckeye Killer too.

    1. corrections: 11,000 yards written on the ball.

    2. How so, a Buckeye Killer? Neither Nicole nor Ron were from Ohio and O.J. is 0-1 against Ohio State.

  2. OSU is one QB away from a National Title. Michigan just got theirs do we have ours?

  3. IDK – I’m not really afraid of USC in this one. I don’t think they are ranked in the top 40 in total defense or any other defensive metric. USC can be run against and thrown against. So, unless tOSU has a horrible turnover game – I’m not sure this one will be within 17 points. Unless this is Iowa 2.0 I’m looking for the SC streak to stop in Dallas. Go Bucks!

  4. “Yeah, I didn’t know that,” Damon Webb said. “We’ve definitely got to change that.” Most of the youngsters have no clue about this history and great rivalry through no fault of their own. It’s not just “two great programs”. Until the BCS the Trojans were Ohio State’s most hated rival after Michigan. The Buckeyes have let down on their side and “they need to change that”. Study the history of this series and that should motivate anybody with any pride. Just get it done and no excuses. Or do you enjoy losing to USC all the time? We used to be even with them. I wish Woody or Earle could talk to these players and stir some passion for this old adversary. I don’t know if Urban gets the importance of this rivalry.

    1. I’m 40 and have only seen these two teams play in the regular season. How long can a rivalry be dormant before it is no longer a rivalry?

      1. As long as those of us who remember are still kicking, Gerd. U$C spoiled some of my childhood that I won’t get back! 😉

      2. Fair enough, somebody that young would know little about the Woody and Earle eras and the emotions surrounding those classic Rose Bowls. If one started with John Cooper, then they would hardly know what a Rose Bowl was, let alone one with USC. Another way ol’ Coop failed us. The 1969 Rose Bowl against USC was my first bowl game and it did make an impression. The historic 50-14 beat down of Michigan had occurred just weeks earlier. Thus began the Big 2 and Little 8 and the cycle of OSU’s regular Rose Bowl appearances. Following that great Rose Bowl victory we played the Trojans regularly throughout the 1970s and it was a big deal usually with national implications. The two regular season meetings were not very special because it wasn’t two champions in the the Rose Bowl on NYD and neither team was very good, and no parade or weeks of buildup. It’s a fair question how long you can be rivals when you never meet any more. As Andrew suggested, probably for as long as veteran Buckeye fans are around to remember in USC’s case. The era when I became a Buckeye fan put prominence on this series and the emotions are still strong. They’re the second most hated team for many “more experienced” Buckeye fans. We need to even up what has become a lopsided series. Without the traditional conference tie-in bowl we’ll never get the opportunity. The Cotton will be our best chance to beat them for a while and for anybody taking them lightly, lol. With USC it’s like the Michigan game and always tough.

  5. Right on, to Urban it’s just not the balance, but the fear of both the pass and run. JTB missed 2 open WR’s late in the 2nd and one key drop in the 2nd half that could of turned momentum back. Remember, WI got 18 pts. from TO’s. As I said before, USC is a nemesis so winning the B1G and beating USC will be sweet. Finally, OSU’s O has really never been the same since Herman left, but we’ve been spoiled and JTB’s career has been special. I wonder what this O will do when we get a sharper passing QB. To me, OSU not being in the playoffs was due to getting beaten by a motivated and well prepared team and the Heisman QB on a very talented team early in the year and a dropping a major egg in Iowa City, which I agree with Urban ‘the Perfect Storm. This team isn’t that far away and like most successful programs has to constantly deal with early departures and coaches being hired away from OSU.

  6. They sure do! For some reason they have gotten away from Urby’s offensive philosophy. It’s been a gradual process that isn’t readily obvious because of that. As I understood it, his idea was to spread the field, run the ball (including the QB) using s read/option attack, and then get the ball to your athletes in space where they can use their talent to put tremendous pressure on the D and make big plays. A sound and logical plan.

    I haven’t seen that the past three years. It seems they have shrunken the field on themselves. I swear the splits aren’t as wide as they were under Herman. Things seem jammed up and they seem intent on running between the tackles and not attacking the edges. Screen passes (REAL screen passes, not the damn bubble screens), draw plays, counters and other misdirection, slants and other plays that create those spaces are rarely used. It see they are intent on pressuring themselves!

    Look, it usually works that you can tell opponents what you are going to do and succeed at it when you out-talent them. It’s quite another when the talent level is similar. I think it’s time for Urby to sit back and take a hard, objective look at this. I think it would make a huge difference in the way the O looks, and that would, once again, put tremendous pressure on opposing D’s. Just my thoughts.

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