Two-Minute Drill: Ohio State Arrival Press Conference

Urban Meyer


The Ohio State Buckeyes landed in Dallas on Saturday, and upon their arrival Urban Meyer spent a few minutes speaking with reporters. Joining him were receiver Johnnie Dixon and nose tackle Tracy Sprinkle. Here are the highlights of what they had to say.

Urban Meyer

+ “I can’t imagine two better tradition-rich programs facing each other. It will be great for college football.”

+ The team will practice today, but it will not be a difficult practice. Just shorts and helmets. The team has been off for three days, so he’ll ease them back into action.

+ Has everybody made the trip? “I just landed. We had — Texas people drove in, obviously, and then you had California. So my understanding is everybody is here.”

+ On the transfer of receiver Trevon Grimes: “He’s got a situation that he wants to be closer to home, a health — you know, his mom’s dealing with some health issues. They’re great people, so we’re not going to stand in the way of that.”

+ USC is dynamic. They have a ridiculous running back, very good receivers, and a top three pick at quarterback.

+ What will the team be doing on Christmas? “We’re going to do some cool things for our players. One of the great things we’re going to do on Christmas is practice and have a really good practice that day.”

+ Meyer never anticipated this kind of season for J.K. Dobbins. Meyer credits “his Creator” as well as his family.

+ Meyer wants to see J.T. Barrett finish career with a win. The only way to finish this is to play very well.

+ This has been a resilient team all year and he expects no different over the next week.

Tracy Sprinkle

+ Traveling to the bowl game was a blessing last year, but he couldn’t play due to injury, so this trip is very special to him.

+ This is an exciting game for Sprinkle because this is the last time this team is going to play together, and that means something to all of them.

+ The 2013 class has a special bond, and there are only a few of them left now. “Highly recruited class, but we had a whole bunch of blue-collar guys that just wanted to go to work.”

Johnnie Dixon

+ This is Dixon’s first time completing a full season and playing in a bowl game, so this is all a blessing for him.

+ Dixon has talked to his mother a little bit about the NFL, but that is not a focus for him right now. He’s focused on USC.

+ How is Dixon able to make big plays in the passing game? “I don’t know, I’m from Florida.”

+ J.T. Barrett gives Ohio State everything they need as a leader. He brings it every game.

+ What does Dixon want for Christmas? “Just my family to stay healthy, me, the teammates, coaches, my girlfriend. And I just told them, you know, appreciate the blessings that we received this year. Being able to breathe is such a blessing to me. Sometimes we take life for granted. I just wish that my family stay healthy, you know? ”


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  1. Really happy that Johnnie Dixon is healthy and could contribute this year. He made some great plays and I hope he has a chance to play in the NFL.

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