Kerry Coombs Pens Open Letter to Buckeye Nation


The Tennessee Titans finally announced the addition of former Ohio State cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs on Wednesday. He will coach the secondary for new head coach Mike Vrabel. While news of the move broke one week ago, Ohio State and Urban Meyer waited until Monday to make a statement about the departure. On Wednesday, Coombs finally broke his silence via a Tweet, virtually penning an open letter to Buckeye Nation.

Check it out.

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  1. This is a big, big loss for the Buckeyes, but a giant opportunity for Coach Coombs. Here’s hoping he will make as big a difference for the Titans that he made for OSU.
    Thanks for all you did, Coach.

  2. One of the greatest ass’t coaches OSU Football has ever had! Best to you, Coach Combs. May you enjoy the same success with the T T’s that you had with the Buckeyes! I generally do not watch Pro Football, but I will now give my allegiance to the T T’s as well as continued allegiance to the Buckeyes! Even though I was a BGSU graduate and played baseball there for 4 years and a few years after graduation of semi-pro baseball, I still support my BGSU, but always wanted to attend The Ohio State University. I did even back then watch as many OSU Games as possible and even attended some games in the distant past! In fact when I was a head football coach in a small school near Bellefontaine, Ohio, I took my football team to a game back in 1968, my second year there! A funny story came out of that experience when one of my football player, who was a farm boy, said the first time he walked into that stadium, he said, “Boy, this place sure wpuld hold a lot of corn!” We all got a big laugh out of that! Anyway, thanks to a great coach in Kerry Combs and his wife as they enter a new life with the Tennessee Titans. God Bless and enjoy your new experience!

  3. What a class act. Kerry Combs worked with compassion and passion. His work ethic was infectious. His players responded in like manner….it was as if they fed off of each other. He will be missed I’m sure but he will also be a great addition to the Titan team. Good luck and thank you for coaching the Buckeyes and teaching them not only how to play but how to be class acts as well.

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