‘It Was Kind Of Crazy’: Inside Mike Weber’s Return To Ohio State

Mike Weber’s Ohio State career seemed as good as done at the end of the Cotton Bowl. He teared up while singing “Carmen Ohio” following the 24-7 win over USC, and then got emotional again in the locker room following the game. That led to widespread speculation that Weber knew he was taking off his Buckeye uniform for the last time.

Just over a week later, and nine days before the deadline to make his decision, Weber announced that he would be coming back for one more season at OSU. It was a surprising, but welcome piece of news for the Ohio State offense.

While many people on the outside seemed sure about his decision following the bowl game, Weber said that he definitely wasn’t.

“I hadn’t decided whether I was going to leave or stay when I was in the locker room,” he said Thursday. “It was kind of 50-50 at that point. I really didn’t know.”

The case to turn pro was simple. NFL running backs average less than three years in the league because of the physical toll on their bodies, so why take an extra year of hits in college?

Mike Weber scores the game-winning touchdown at Michigan.

There were compelling reasons to return to Columbus for one more season, too. Weber suffered a serious hamstring injury during fall camp, then hurt his wrist in the middle of the season. Another year of physical development and a healthy 2018 could boost his draft stock.

Weber said that everyone around him had an opinion, but they were sharply divided.

“It was kind of crazy,” he said.  “There were agents telling me to go, family telling me to go, just old friends, stuff like that. Then you’ve got coaches telling you to stay. Both sides have valid points, so you really don’t know what you should do. It’s a really tough decision, but I feel like I made the right decision.”

In the end, Weber opted to play another year in college. He said he entered 2017 fall camp planning to turn pro after the season, but a frustrating and injury-plagued autumn was enough to change his mind.

Weber lost his starting job to freshman J.K. Dobbins, and seemed at times like a forgotten man. He had a combined nine carries for 24 yards in the Buckeyes’ Big Ten Championship Game win over Wisconsin and the Cotton Bowl.

“I had goals that I set. I didn’t want to go out the way I was going to go out. I wanted to accomplish more things and become more of a team leader and graduate,” Weber said.

In the end, head coach Urban Meyer and running backs coach Tony Alford were able to convince Weber that if he returned, he would be a central piece of the Buckeyes’ 2018 offensive attack.

“I got with Coach Meyer and we had a good talk with Coach Alford and my parents,” Weber said, specifically mentioning “things like touches” as key topics.

“Talking to the coaches, asking about the things that I was concerned about. He told me everything I needed to hear.”

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  1. I think Weber is a really good back. I hope they both get a thousand yards.

  2. Mike Weber is a very good runningback. It would have been great to see him healthy for the entire year before entering the draft so from a personal standpoint I believe he made the right AND the welcome decision. The injuries probably would have cost him a lot of money had he declared. One season isn’t enough to get a picture of just how tough he possibly can be. Returning for a final season IMHO was a wise decision in every regard.

    Welcome back home Mike. Now go out at tear it up in 2018.

    1. James- I totally agree, and I’m glad Mike W didn’t decide to declare for the NFL draft. He would have been very disappointed in where he was selected. No question he was wiser than players who practice short term thinking when making this choice. You have to become a really good college player BEFORE you consider becoming a really good pro.
      One minor point- not so sure I agree with the ongoing logic that RBs somehow have a shorter lifespan in the NFL than other positions. Linemen take a physical pounding too, as do LBs, TEs, etc. RBs hardly have that market cornered. Although its the en vogue thing to say, its misleading. Short version is, I’m glad he’s back. Wondering Meyer has any intention of keeping his word about the carries….

  3. I look at it this way, If a player decides to stay & not commit the big winner is the TEAM. Coaches don’t have to recruit,train& Mentor him saving a lot of time & Money. Don’t let any one kid you, you win with veteran players. Weber coming back with all the others will make the difference in OSU winning the N.C. A QB who can hit the long ball is also a must. Meyer has one hell of a GREAT team returning. Let’ ALL enjoy this year, I can’t wait.

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