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Buckeye Sloopcast — S3E49: Slobs and Toters

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In this week’s edition of The Buckeye Sloopcast, Kyle and Jared start the show with a discussion about Ohio State’s 2019 recruiting plans. Quarterbacks, running backs, and the offensive line are the focus, and there are a lot of names to get to know. Basketball eventually finds its way into the show, and why not? The bench is discussed, as it a possibly re-emerging Kam Williams. What is Ohio State’s postseason looking like? All of this and much, much more.

The Rundown

We look at 2019 #OhioState targets along the OLine & RBs.

The #Buckeyes offers their 10th QB.

#OhioState needs Linemen, luckily 2019 has some studs.

#OhioState is good shape with Ohio’s (and WV’s) best linemen.

Why tackles sometime get moved to guard at the next level.

How many running backs will #OhioState sign in 2019?

Who is #OhioState’s primary target at running back?

What will #OhioState do with all these running backs?

BBALL: What the heck happened in Ann Arbor?

Bench points continues to be an issue for The #Buckeyes

Did the Buckeyes peak too early?

Kam Williams is back in rhythm, but is the rest of the team?

Where will #OhioState be seeded in the NCAA?

What chance does #OhioState have of winning the #B1G Tourney

CJ Jackson finishes off Indiana, but was it “a good shot”?

We announce a special ticket giveaway, sponsored by MinuteManTickets.com

Just how much of the Olympics did Jared end up watching?

-Outro Music-

Artist: The Raging Nathans

Song: Horsefly

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