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Current Top 16 Basketball Teams Revealed by Committee; OSU a 4-Seed

Jae'Sean Tate Ohio State Basketball


For the second year now, the NCAA Selection Committee has revealed the current Top 16 teams at this point for the NCAA Tournament, and the Buckeyes came in at No. 4 seed in the East Region. The rest of the top four seeds in the East Region are No. 1 Villanova, No. 2 Duke, and No. 3 Texas Tech.

The reason for the reveal is to generate interest for the tournament next month, but also to give the public an idea of where the committee is on current teams. Last year, the committee unveiled their first Top 16, and they successfully projected 15 of the final Top 16 seeds.

“I don’t think that will happen this year,’’ Creighton athletic director Bruce Rasmussen, the chair of the committee, told last week. “There is a consensus with the top three but after that it gets a bit messier.”

Of course, that consensus should now be up in the air with the losses by No. 2 Virginia and No. 3 Purdue on Saturday. Right?

Not so much.

Here is how the Top 16 shook out on Sunday.

1. Virginia – #1 seed in the South (Atlanta)

2. Villanova – #1 seed in the East (Boston)

3. Xavier – #1 seed in the Midwest (Omaha)

4. Purdue – #1 West in the West (Los Angeles)

5. Auburn – #2 in the Midwest

6. Kansas – #2 in the West

7. Duke – #2 in the East

8. Cincinnati – #2 in the South (Cincinnati and Kansas were swapped for competitive balance reasons.)

9. Clemson – #3 in the Midwest

10. Texas Tech – #3 in the East

11. Michigan State – #3 in South

12. North Carolina in #3 in West

13. Tennessee – #4 in the South

14. Ohio State – #4 in the East

15. Arizona – #4 in the West

16. Oklahoma – #4 in the Midwest

The seeds will be known for real on March 11, which is Selection Sunday. The First Four will then tip off March 13-14 before the Tournament gets going full bore on March 15.


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  1. You just have to chuckle. This team, however improbable, has risen to number 8 or 9 in the Country depending on the poll you go by, and they are projected as a 4 seed? They must really believe that the Buckeyes are going to lose a couple more.

    Holtmann has done a fantastic job and the players have stepped up and delivered on their potential.

    I once thought Jae’sean Tate was reckless and playing out of control. Now he just looks hungry aggressive.

    Maybe they make the final 4 or go all the way really doesn’t matter a lot this year. The framework for what this program might look like under Holtmann is fun to watch. But for this year I think they took the pundits by storm AND surprise. I thought the bench would start to look a lot better and deeper than from Matta’s days and that’s holding true. I questioned the over-all ability to turn the corner into contender level this year and maybe not even next year. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong. I doubt the pundits think it’s so good to be wrong though. They have their ideals fantasized in their heads as though it’s iron clad. Just like they project this Buckeye team a seed.

    Isn’t it off that jokester outfits like ESPN have radio silence on what this Buckeye team has accomplished? Fascinating theatrics employed by virtual bobbleheads to spread a narrative. Instead of recognizing they were wrong in their views, they instead ask…….”Are there really any great teams this year?”

    I’ll answer for them. Yes, there ARE some great teams this year……..they’re just not the ones that the bobbleheads believed would be. There are several great teams and some amazing stories. Too bad sports journalism has gone from rational evaluations to personal bias soundbyte sitcoms to promote the propaganda they espouse. Admitting you’re wrong……..isn’t always a bad thing. For pundits, honesty would go a long way to making their view credible. But who needs credible when sensationalistic bias (they think) makes they prettier to listen to.

  2. Crazy. Who would’ve thought at the beginning of the season that OSU, with their cobbled together team of last minute signees along with a 17 year old freshman, would be where they are now?

    I don’t know how its all going to end but its been a very surprising year. This team has over achieved so much. I had them around .500 in conference coming in at a 9 or 10 seed for March.

  3. The good news is we have a chance to prove them wrong

  4. No doubt this prediction seems a little low, however, forecasters might be looking at 3/4 OSU’s next games are road games and OSU’s possible B1G run. But that ranking means nothing now and can motivate to move OSU up. If someone would of told me that OSU would of been in first place in the B1G with one loss in the B1G last November, I would of laughed.

  5. No respect yet but if they win out and win the Big10 tourney they will be a no.1 seed. Just have to erase all doubt that they are as good as they seem.
    The Wessons have made a huge improvement as well as Musa Jallow. Their bench is no longer a liabilty.

  6. As of right now, there is still no respect for the Buckeyes. They have MSU and Purdue ahead of them in bracket seeding? Didn’t the Bucks beat both of these teams in head-to-head competition?

    1. Neither MSU or Purdue has been beaten at home by Penn State. That cost OSU a ton of respect. Not quite as bad as a football loss at Iowa, but not acceptable for a top team. If Buckeyes can win the BIG regular season and the BIG tournament it will all take care of itself.

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