One of Ohio State’s Top Recruiting Targets Just Dropped ‘The Decision’

Rasheed Walker, a 4-star offensive tackle recruit in the 2018 class, just released a video titled ‘The Decision’ about where he’s going to play his college football.

The video highlights Walker’s high school playing career, his experiences at the Army All-American game, and then features a look at what he likes about each of his three finalist schools.

Walker is deciding between Virginia Tech, Penn State, and Ohio State, although it’s likely really a two-team race. Only the Buckeyes and Nittany Lions have any selections on Walker’s “Crystal Ball.”

If you’re hoping the video ‘The Decision’ lived up to its name and revealed where Walker will be taking his talents, we have some bad news.

It ends with Walker saying, “I’m about to go to…” and then cuts to black.

However, unlike the similar ending of the series finale of The Sopranos, the college football world will get a definite answer soon.

Walker plans to reveal his choice on National Signing Day, which is Wednesday, February 7.

7 Responses

  1. That’s pretty funny ending. Go buckeyes!

  2. If I had a son in this position, he would make his choice, call each coach and say thanks and then head to the weight room. There would be no hype videos, no hat ceremony, etc.

    1. Glad I am not your son, as this should be HIS decision, and HIS life.

  3. Looks good, but several looked good as well that ended up other places! What has happened to all those recent 5 star high school kids who have chosen Clemson, Georgia and other schools. I will say that so many 4 stars have turned out go have a better college career that some 5 stars. So hopefully all those many 4 stars that are in the Buckeye fold will indeed show up many of the 5 star athletes. I guess star classify isn’t always cracked up to be the telling or ending factor! We’ll take some really good 4 stars over some hotdog 5 star players! GO BUCKS!

  4. So many “Decision” Videos are nothing but a display of the overblown ego of the player. This one is different. He gets it. This young man seems go genuinely appreciate all of his finalists and this video comes across more as a “thank you” to them than a “Hey, look at me” kind of moment. What a welcome and refreshing approach by this young man. An enormous step up compared to the classless way J.C. played things about his decision. No comparison between the two as this young man will fit the culture and embrace it. We will be honored if he becomes a Buckeye and still wish him well if he doesn’t. Can’t wait until NSD next week to find out.

  5. Always be humble and kind, they say.

    Or not, I guess.

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