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Accost the Field — Episode 42: Big Speed for Days

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In this episode of Accost the Field, the fellas mostly talk Ohio State football. Why was Urban Meyer so grumpy this week? Why is Alex Grinch so happy? What is Greg Schiano’s day like now without a position coach? And a whole bunch more. There are some other topics sprinkled in as well, including a discussion on Brady Hoke’s lack of punctuation. The show ends with a slew of listener questions.

The Rundown

+ Banter.

+ Hobos as houseguests.

+ Talkin’ ’bout the Buckeye safeties.

+ Alex Grinch is having a really good time.

+ Grinch did a great job putting the type of players he could get to good use.

+ Don’t overuse those Get Out of Jail Free cards.

+ The linebackers need to be more disciplined.

+ Is this group of linebackers more talented than last year’s?

+ There are a lot of guys we want to see at linebacker.

+ The younger the linebackers got last year the better they looked.

+ Greg Schiano is spending more time with the linebackers now.

+ Schiano develops defenders, which is going to help the entire defense.

+ Is Bill Davis under the microscope?

+ The demeanor of the 2017 class compared to the 2015 class applied to last year’s linebackers.

+ Why was Jerome Baker always so happy after having games that weren’t necessarily great?

+ Will this group of linebackers meet expectations.

+ Explaining the differences between the field and boundary safeties and the players currently at each of those spots.

+ Does Isaiah Pryor have red line-to-red line abilities at deep safety?

+ They benefits of crosstraining at safety.

+ Let’s get the H-backs running the ball more.

+ Learning lessons from the 2015 quarterback competition and applying them to 2018.

+ Would Cardale Jones have led OSU to a national title under Kevin Wilson and Ryan Day in 2015?

+ The importance of signing Ryan Day to a 3-year deal.

+ Assistant coaches don’t need to look around at Ohio State, they just need to be patient.

+ Can Alex Grinch and Ryan Day be future co-head coaches at Ohio State down the road?

+ One new member of the Hype Train.

+ Baron Browning is a future manager at Chick-Fil-A?

+ Joe Burrow’s desire to hold onto a tire can also be applied to his ability to throw a football.

+ How many kickoff return touchdowns will Demario McCall have this season?

+ A proposed rule to allow players to play four games at any point in the season without burning a redshirt.

+ Listener questions.

+ Can Binjimen Victor become more of a threat this season?

+ Does Chris Holtmann get a pass for next year?

+ What to expect — good and not so good — from the spring game.

+ Is the 2018 Ohio State team the best Buckeye team — on paper — ever?

+ Big Ten expansion talk.

+ What’s the best cartoon food?

+ Tom’s one-man show on the Brady Hoke/Tennessee texts with Brady Hoke impersonation.

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