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Ohio State Finishes Second While Kyle Snyder Wins His Third – Photo Gallery

2018 NCAA Tournament Finaals

The Buckeyes finished with 134.5 points for the tournament, the most ever for a second-place finish. In the process, Kyle Snyder earned his third National Championship, in dramatic fashion.

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  1. Doesn’t get any more epic than Snyder-Coon and the fact that Snyder can beat someone who is Olympic team good that outweighs him by 60 lobs and win speaks volumes to how incredible of a wrestler he is…..a few unexpected losses by others cost the team title but they were right up there and wrestling people know this is probably easily the best 2nd place finishing team in history–that’s how good OSU and PSU were this year….Snyder, Tomasello, B. Jordan will be greatly missed not only for their wrestling but for their class act. Proud of the buckeye wrestlers! To have had epic wrestlers like Snyder and Steiber in the last 5 years may not be seen again..but I hope so–go Bucks!

  2. What a great coach! A fitting end for Kyle Snyder’s illustrious career! So proud of the grapplin’ Bucks!

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