Despite Question Marks, Urban Meyer Not Concerned About Linebackers

Ohio State Football Buckeyes Baron Browning Linebacker


On Monday, Urban Meyer announced that the Ohio State football team was down a linebacker. Middle linebacker Tuf Borland suffered an Achilles tendon injury this spring, but it is not expected to endanger his 2018 season.

Borland entered the spring as the Buckeyes’ only established starter at linebacker. The Buckeyes must now continue this spring looking for two new starters while also getting reps from relatively unproven players at middle linebacker.

The search, to this point, has been productive.

“We have [Justin] Hilliard and Baron Browning in the middle right now,” Meyer said. “And Pete Werner is very flexible and having an excellent spring. Malik Harrison is another guy we start talking about. Keandre [Jones] has made a good push. So you’ve got some good bodies. We’re not ready to say who is going to be in what position. It’s our job to get the best of them out there.”

Harrison played regularly last season as a Sam linebacker, which would seem to make him the favorite at that spot this spring. Jones was the backup to Jerome Baker at the Will last season. Werner was a contributor on special teams. Hilliard and Browning also found time on special teams while the Buckeyes went through struggles in the middle last year.

Even though there are still a number of unanswered questions, Meyer likes that there are players who are providing answers.

“The good thing is there is some opportunity for someone to step up and go,” he said. “That position, once again, they’re not perfect and they don’t have to be, but they’re trying. I kind of like that position right now.”

Meyer wasn’t very happy with Monday’s performance from the entire Ohio State football team, but he has seen enough to this point to feel confident in what the Buckeyes have at linebacker. He is getting the type of effort that he wants, and he knows the talent is there — with more coming in the summer.

This is all part of why he’s just not that worried about the linebackers this year.

“I’m not concerned,” he said. “Coach Davis is doing a good job, and there are some talented cats. Dallas [Gant] comes in, we have K’Vaughan Pope coming in. We have Teradja Mitchell coming in. So, I mean, Tuf Borland it just breaks your heart because he’s one of the best kids I’ve been around in my life.”

Even without Borland this spring, Ohio State’s recruiting has made this a strong linebacker group. It wouldn’t be unfair to expect more out of this group than last year’s linebackers.

In fact, if the Buckeye linebackers aren’t better than they were a year ago, then you can expect Urban Meyer to begin showing some concern.


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  1. We’re back to no comments on Donte Booker. People not long ago were talking about him transferring. I talked to friends of mine who said the reports “up to that point” didn’t have any merit. I know he’s graduating and a 5th year and was one of the best recruits in his class. Injuries slowed him down and he struggled off and on last year.

    I’ve asked the same people as before if there was something new and they told me the same thing. Still, every mention concerning the linebackers excludes Donte.

    Any “real” idea why that is Tony?

    1. He’s out this spring with a shoulder issue. Meyer hopes he’s back in the starting lineup for the season. But that really means he hopes he plays well enough to earn a starting spot.

      1. Thanks. I guess I must have missed an article saying that he was out. Appreciate the help.

    1. What do you see that’s troubling about Justin being in the middle? Justin was easily one of the very best sideline to sideline MIKE recruits in his class. He’s battled injury but when he has been able to play he’s been very good and noticeable. Maybe most has been on special teams, but he can play ball.

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