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Accost the Field — Ep. 44: Who’s Stepping Up This Spring?

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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman, Tom Orr, and producer Shannon Sommers talk a whole bunch of Ohio State football. There are too many topics to mention here, but the fellas talk the Ohio State quarterbacks and whether some of them are trying to be something they aren’t. The offense being behind the defense is discussed, as are the reasons why. The talk also veers off to Greg Schiano and his ability to float from spot to spot and the impact that will have on the defense this season. There also quite a few mentions of the players who are stepping up this spring, as well as the players who aren’t, but need to. The show closes with about a dozen listener questions.

The Rundown

+ Banter.

+ Pizza etiquette.

+ Filling the leadership void left by J.T. Barrett.

+ Whoever wins the middle linebacker job will need to be a leader.

+ Are the QBs trying to be what the coaches think they want, rather than who they really are?

+ How do players learn to be leaders?

+ Does the starting quarterback have to be a captain?

+ Isaiah Prince has never played left tackle, even in high school. Concerned?

+ Is Kevin Wilson being unfairly criticized?

+ It’s odd that J.T. Barrett had the best season for an OSU QB ever but he still held the offense back.

+ Will this offense be much better against much better competition?

+ There will always be reads for the QB and the QB run is never going away. Ever. Never ever.

+ How Greg Schiano sets up his day.

+ Players who are standing out this spring according to Urban Meyer.

+ What name does Meyer need to mention next week that he hasn’t?

+ What is Urban Meyer concerned about right now?

+ How important is the spring game this season for the quarterbacks?

+ When Urban Meyer says he doesn’t know who is leading at QB do we really think he doesn’t know?

+ Listener questions.

+ Will there be a freshman starter from day one this season like the last two years?

+ How often will we see J.K. Dobbins and Mike Weber together this year?

+ Is Garrett Wilson Buckeye bound?

+ How many captains last season, and did we learn last year that nine is too many?

+ An update on the special teams.

+ The timeline for graduate transfers for college basketball.

+ What does the cornerback situation look like right now?

+ If Joe Burrow wins the job, will Dwayne Haskins stay?

+ Who surprises us that Meyer hasn’t been talking about this spring?

+ Could we see Rashod Berry move to defensive end.

+ Parking lot pet peeves.

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