Accost the Field — Joe Knows, But Will It Matter?

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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr take some time to wrap up spring football for the Ohio State football program. Where did things end at certain position battles and where are they headed in the offseason? Transfers are discussed and the impact that will have on the Buckeyes. Recruiting gets some mentions as well. It’s a pretty full show overall, even if we didn’t mean it to be.

The Rundown

+ Banter

+ Graduate transfer Keyshawn Woods is exactly what the Buckeyes and Chris Holtmann needed.

+ The transfer of offensive lineman Matt Burrell and why it happened.

+ The transfer profile.

+ Tom is a great profiler, but a terrible field agent.

+ The transfer of running back Antonio Williams and why it was and wasn’t a surprise.

+ Would Antonio Williams still be a Buckeye if Master Teague didn’t enroll early?

+ What should we expect from Master Teague this year?

+ The over/under on Teague’s rushing total this year is 413 yards.

+ Do not under any circumstances forget about Brian Snead.

+ What should we expect from Brian Snead?

+ Ryan Day doesn’t seem concerned about altering his timeline for Joe Burrow.

+ Are coaches always truthful? (Spoilers.)

+ Does Joe Burrow know what he’s doing this year?

+ If it’s close, there is no reason to not tell Joe Burrow that he is ahead right now.

+ The quarterback battle will continue into fall camp.

+ Jobs cannot be guaranteed at this point, so what exactly is it that Joe Burrow needs to hear?

+ Blocking grad transfers is probably not cool.

+ Is Urban Meyer the grad-transfer-blocking type?

+ We’ll table any further quarterback discussions until the next show!

+ The rise of Josh Myers.

+ The battle between Josh Myers and Brady Taylor at center will continue into fall camp.

+ Do you need different centers for Tate Martell, like how you have to have a catcher who can handle the knuckleball?

+ Why Thayer Munford is at left tackle instead of right tackle?

+ Do we buy the reasoning?

+ Is there reason to be concerned about Isaiah Prince not taking the position over?

+ Moving from one side to the other for a tackle is not the easiest thing to do.

+ Is Isaiah Prince staying at right tackle because they don’t want to screw up what worked last year?

+ The verbal commitment of 2020 offensive lineman Jake Wray.

+ How Max Wray played an important role in making that happen.

+ The verbal commitment of 2019 running back/linebacker Steele Chambers.

+ Where does Steele Chambers project?

+ How does this affect OSU’s ongoing running back recruiting?

+ Steele Chambers is a pretty sweet name. What other sweet names are out there?

+ A review of episode three of “All or Nothing.”

+ Tom and Tony have the same favorite parts of this episode.

+ Why does Jim Harbaugh continue to get into pools in his khakis?

+ Tony has a caper story from his childhood.

+ Jim Harbaugh seems different than most people.

+ Michigan has the oddest pre-game speeches.

+ Who wins a Big Ten title first, Scott Frost or Jim Harbaugh?

+ This is Michigan’s year.

+ On the passing of Earle Bruce.

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