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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr talk about Joe Burrow’s move to LSU. What does the Tigers’ depth chart at quarterback look like currently, and how good are Burrow’s chances of winning the job? The Ohio State quarterback situation is also a topic of discussion, as the fellas talk about where Dwayne Haskins ranks in the Big Ten quarterback pool. Scheduling is then discussed, as is the eventual end of Nick Saban’s career, which has now been set in stone. The show then turns toward the Michigan Wolverines and the way the U of M used a Buckeye dad in their recruiting materials. Charles Woodson’s comments about how the team doesn’t take the Ohio State game seriously enough are also discussed. They then review Episode 6 of ‘All or Nothing’ before turning to listener questions.

The Rundown

+ Joe Burrow’s decision to choose LSU.

+ Burrow wants to contend for national titles, but can he do that at LSU?

+ Did Urban Meyer have some say in where Burrow went?

+ What does the quarterback depth chart look like at LSU?

+ Alphabetically, Joe Burrow is nice, but he’s not the best.

+ Is Ed Orgeron the guy to turn LSU into a contender?

+ What kind of talent does Burrow have around him?

+ Russell Wilson is the exception to grad transfers, not the rule.

+ What kind of numbers are we expecting from Burrow this year?

+ Where does Dwayne Haskins rank in terms of Big Ten quarterbacks right now?

+ Hopefully what Shea Patterson learned at Ole Miss will carry him through his time at Michigan.

+ The more Michigan quarterbacks get coached by Michigan coaches, the worse they get.

+ Haskins will put up better numbers than Patterson and MSU’s Brian Lewerke.

+ Ohio State announced schedule additions and changes.

+ Will there be further changes? (Yes there will be.)

+ How we know Nick Saban is retiring before the 2022 season.

+ Why Alabama doesn’t play non-conference games on the road.

+ Michigan recruiting materials using a Buckeye dad’s image.

+ This isn’t the worst thing they’ve done with their recruiting materials.

+ Michigan fans aren’t happy with the Wolverines’ recruiting.

+ Is Jim Harbaugh Michigan’s version of John Cooper?

+ Charles Woodson doesn’t think Michigan treats The Game seriously enough.

+ Maybe Michigan players don’t believe that what Woodson is talking about is actually possible because they’ve never really seen it.

+ Ohio State has expectations, Michigan has hopes.

+ When Charles Woodson was at Michigan, the Wolverines would beat more-talented Buckeye teams.

+ Ohio State and Penn State are pulling away in recruiting.

+ Michigan isn’t developing the talent like we expected.

+ Michigan isn’t evaluating talent as well as Michigan State.

+ ‘All or Nothing’ Episode 6.

+ Pretty boring episode; not nearly enough laughs.

+ John Harbaugh is also an odd motivator.

+ We need more John O’Korn and Don Brown, specifically in a ‘Hardcastle & McCormick’ reboot.

+ Listener questions.

+ Who should replace Larry Culpepper?

+ Tony once again takes credit for someone else’s greatness.

+ Will there be trick plays for Tate Martell this year?

+ Who will throw for more yards this year: Dwayne Haskins or Joe Burrow?

+ What does “4-6, A-B” mean specifically?

+ Is this Dwayne Haskins’ team now?

+ What happens if half the team comes out for the Oregon State game wearing “Joe” headbands?

+ What impact does Real Life Wednesdays have on recruits and recruiting.

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