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Accost the Field with Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr Ohio State Podcast Ohio State Football Buckeyes

In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr talk about the importance of in-state recruiting, particularly in the case of 2019 Ohio defensive end Zach Harrison, and 2019 Michigan offensive linemen Devontae Dobbs and Logan Brown.

They also discuss the head coaching hierarchy in the Big Ten and hold a mini-draft of B1G head coaches. The importance of the Penn State game is mulled over, and the question is asked if it is actually bigger than the Michigan game this year. The fellas then talk early Vegas lines on OSU’s biggest games this year, following by a brief conversation on whether or not it’s okay for Ohio State players to be friends with Michigan players.

The show then begins to wrap up with a review of Episode 6 of ‘All or Nothing’, which includes Michigan’s losses to Wisconsin and the Buckeyes. We also finally have a plot for our television show featuring Don Brown and John O’Korn. We end the show with listener submissions, including a question as old as time — which B1G head coach would you choose as your Euchre partner?

The Rundown

+ Temperature-based banter.

+ The recruitment of Zach Harrison and the importance of not letting him leave the state.

+ Zach Harrison is the most important in-state recruit for the Buckeyes since…

+ If the Buckeyes don’t land Beanie Wells in 2006, do they get a senior season out of Antonio Pittman?

+ Zach Harrison is really, really fast and really, really big.

+ The state of Michigan has two 5-star 2019 offensive linemen and neither of them are going to Michigan.

+ Why doesn’t Michigan’s brand carry more weight in-state?

+ The number of 5-star Ohio kids is going down.

+ Is Penn State without question the No. 2 brand in the B1G East now?

+ Is Penn State a bigger game for Ohio State than the Michigan game?

+ Which B1G East coaches will still be in the B1G in four years?

+ ‘All or Nothing’ makes it look like Jim Harbaugh is miserable at Michigan.

+ Could other coaches B1G do at Michigan what Jim Harbaugh is doing? Could they do better?

+ Let’s draft Big Ten head coaches!

+ Scott Frost is Urban Meyer 2.0.

+ Paul Chryst could do at Michigan what Jim Harbaugh is doing.

+ Nebraska v. Wisconsin is the next great Big Ten rivalry.

+ Vegas lines on the CFB “Games of the Year.”

+ Is Dwayne Haskins a threat for Shea Patterson’s September Heisman?

+ The Wisconsin Effect could hurt the Wolverines against the Spartans.

+ Is it okay for Tate Martell to be friends with Shea Patterson?

+ Can you club baby seals if you have a baby seal at home?

+ A review of Episode 6 of ‘All or Nothing”, which features losses to Wisconsin and Ohio State.

+ Don Brown at home.

+ Don Brown on a stakeout.

+ How much money would it take to get Don Brown at Ohio State?

+ The Wolverines are unfortunate trash talkers.

+ Don’t poke the Badgers.

+ The Wolverine coaches trying to talk themselves into being okay with John O’Korn being back in the game.

+ The Michigan players just look so defeated on and off the field.

+ Yay Tampa!

+ “Hey guys, you made my kid cry.”

+ Jim Harbaugh gave a speech to his team that was almost like he was talking to David, rather than Goliath.

+ Why doesn’t Jim Harbaugh get angrier?

+ Maybe the Wolverines could have used nine captains like the Buckeyes had last year.

+ Don’t tell the Ohio State offensive line that they’re scared.

+ The air left the stadium when Josh Metellus dropped a sure J.T. Barrett interception.

+ The Buckeyes saved some stuff for The Game last year.

+ J.T. Barrett goes down, and Michigan’s defense rejoices.

+ Things didn’t go as planned for the Wolverines when Dwayne Haskins entered the game.

+ This show was NOT a recruiting tool for Michigan.

+ Jim Harbaugh guaranteed a win in last year’s bowl game. Was he correct?

+ We finally have a name and plot for our Don Brown and John O’Korn television show.

+ Grappling hooks are frickin’ dangerous.

+ Listener questions.

+ Which Buckeyes could play on the other side of the ball and succeed?

+ Shaun Wade could make a pretty good receiver (but a better corner).

+ How about Robert Landers as a goal-line back?

+ Any updates on the center position?

+ How much will Tate Martell play this year?

+ Could Tate Martell become OSU’s red-zone quarterback?

+ Is J.T. Barrett the best Buckeye ever who fans are most excited to see replaced?

+ Was the criticism of Bill Davis last year justified?

+ Which Big Ten head coach would you want as your Euchre partner?

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