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Ohio State Football Buckeyes Be a 5

Former Ohio State fullback/linebacker Zach Boren spoke with the Buckeyes this week about what it takes to be great. Specifically, he talked to the team about what it took for the 2012 team to go undefeated. Hint: It wasn’t easy. Ohio State Football’s Twitter account released a video reliving those moments in 2012, while also providing a glimpse into the culture that was in place to make it all happen. Check it out.

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  1. Great video, and great representation.

    1. WOW is right…I’ll be watching this a couple times a month until September gets here…

  2. Remarkable dedication to reach a goal not too many teams achieve, to go undefeated. With no bowl game possible they came together as one, and played for each other. Urban Meyer showed immediately what a great motivator and coach he was and continues to be. 2012 gave an inkling of what was to come 2 years later — a National Championship. Thank you to the 2012 team, and to every team that followed. What a fabulous University. One has to experience attending to know that how firmly thy friendship O-H-I-O. We are THE Ohio State University.

  3. One of our proudest moment as Buckeyes. That team had seen some adversity and wasn’t as loaded with all stars as we have now. But they had every other attribute that makes a great team. Great coaching, strong work ethic, team camaraderie, the will to win even in the last moments with a second string quarterback. I am sure all of you can add your own descriptions.

    1. All I can/want to add it GO BUCKS!!

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