49 Days To Ohio State Football*

49 Days to Ohio State Football Buckeyes

This is the 52nd in a series of 100 daily posts, a Countdown to College Football. (Sort of.)

The difficult thing about having a series that runs for 100 days in a row is coming up with 100 different intros. Fortunately, since Tom Orr and I are doing this thing together, that only means 50 a piece. And I’m pretty sure I can get away with running the same intro twice, which cuts my total number of intros down to 25, which is still a whole hell of a lot.

I’ll probably have to wait a while before re-running this one, however, because it has turned out pretty good so far.

In today’s countdown we’ll take a look at a recent great, a Pac 12 game that may or may not be on your television, some young toughs, and a quarterback-safety battle in The Game.

If you missed yesterday’s edition, you’ll want to remedy that by reading it here.

Now please join us as we continue our countdown of the 100 greatest Buckeyes of The Ozone era (1996-present).

We will also preview one of the 100 most exciting games on this fall’s college football schedule, and one of the 100 things we’re most looking forward to this fall.

Plus, we’ll preview one of this season’s 100 biggest personnel matchups.

Greatest Buckeyes Of The Ozone Era

#49 Bradley Roby, 2010-2013

Before he was an Ohio State cornerback, Bradley Roby was a Vanderbilt wide receiver commit.

Roby was part of 2010 Buckeye recruiting class with fellow NFL’ers Christian Bryant, Philly Brown, Big Hank, Carlos Hyde, Andrew Norwell, and Rod Smith. Roby, however, was the only one selected in the first round.

For me, Bradley Roby was one of the most interesting players I’ve ever covered. He came to Ohio State with a plan. The first step was to redshirt and prepare himself to start. The second step was to start as a redshirt freshman. The third step was to leave after his fourth year for the NFL. He followed through on that plan perfectly.

Roby was a First-Team All-American as a redshirt sophomore in 2012 and a two-time All-Big Ten performer in 2012 and 2013.

Interestingly, without ever playing offense or returning kicks, Roby scored five touchdowns in his career. One of those touchdowns came in 2012 against Nebraska. He opened the game with a pick six against the Huskers. After the game, Roby said he had a dream he was going to return an interception for a touchdown, and even called his family to tell them before the game.

Best Games This Fall

#49 Oregon at Utah

Oregon may be worth paying attention to again. New head coach Mario Cristobal will look to pick up where Willie Taggart left off and then take further steps to get them where there were just four or five years ago.

Utah is looking to bounce back from a 2017 that saw them have a stretch where they lost six of seven games.

Both teams return a bunch of offense and not much defense, which means this has the makings of #Pac12AfterDark.

Good luck finding it on your cable network though.

What We Can’t Wait To See

#49 Ohio State’s Defensive Line Reinforcements

After writing about Taron Vincent this week, I came to the realization that I’ve probably been ignoring the impact that he could have this season. But then as I start to think about Vincent, I am reminded that Tommy Togiai has been on campus for five months and been very impressive. Then I think back to Antwuan Jackson and how he is the most college-ready signee in the entire class.

Then we move over to defensive end. While I think we might be a year or two away for Javontae Jean-Baptiste and Alex Williams, we may not have to wait too long for Tyreke Smith and Tyler Friday. Could Smith and Friday be what Chase Young and Jonathon Cooper were for the Buckeyes last year?

New players make college football what it is, and the Buckeyes have brought in some of the nation’s best. Per usual.

Matchup To Watch

#49 MICH SAF Josh Metellus vs. Dwayne Haskins

Josh Metellus is Michigan’s deep safety, but he doesn’t always stay “as deep as the deepest.” With an expected uptick on the deep passing game from the Buckeyes this year, this could become a problem for the Wolverines.

Dwayne Haskins will stretch the field with or without the benefit of play-action this year, and don’t expect him to change who he is during the Michigan game. He will attack Metellus throughout the game.

Metellus does have range, so he covers a lot of ground, but he can get beaten deep. This will be a chess match all game long.

4 Responses

  1. Poor Metellus. You know during The Game this November they will replay the interception that hit him in the chest and he dropped. Oh well, too bad, so sad.

    Looking forward to this year – because of the QB turnover, I can legitimately say I don’t expect too much, but also would not be terribly surprised to see us ranked in the top 5 all year and end up with another 1 or 2 loss year, or even a NC.

    TCU has me a little spooked, but if we win, what a great way to cement the team’s confidence early on.

  2. Tony, Why isn’t Jean-Baptiste being mentioned for OL? He was one of the highest rated OL in 2018 class. I have read that he might be a LB or DL. Doesn’t OSU need more help on the OL than DL the next few years?

    1. You are confusing your Frenchmen. Javontae Jean-Baptiste is an OLB/DE from New Jersey. Nicholas Petit-Frere is the 5-star OL from Florida.

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