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Playing in ‘The Game’ a Definite Draw for Ohio State Recruiting

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The Ohio State football coaching staff can draw upon a number of aspects when it comes to recruiting players.

There’s the winning, which helps. The facilities, which don’t hurt. Life after football is a popular topic, as is a possible NFL life after OSU football.

Playing for some of the best coaches in the nation has been a popular draw as well.

A recruiting pitch that many people might not think of, however, is the allure of playing in The Game.

Ohio State vs. Michigan.

There’s a reason why Urban Meyer refers to it as “the greatest rivalry in all of sport,” and so why not use it as a recruiting pitch?

It probably also helps that Meyer is now 6-0 in that greatest rivalry, but as the head coach at Ohio State it’s an unavoidable topic.

Though admittedly it has been a while since a Buckeye coach has had to avoid it.

When Ohio State hosts Michigan every other year, the game is a popular weekend for visits from recruits. Even if players aren’t as serious about OSU as they let on, some will still try to get a free ticket to that game just to experience it.

“It’s one of the biggest rivalry games in the history of football,” 3-star Florida quarterback Brian Maurer said. “So it’s definitely going to draw some top recruits out here.”

And even in the middle of the offseason — such as last weekend when recruits were in town for Friday Night Lights and some official visits — the Michigan game is being used as a recruiting tool.

“Oh yeah,” 2020 quarterback Jack Miller said. “That’s a game that anybody that comes here can’t wait to play in. Watching the videos of it, that game is – watching the videos of it, I feel like it doesn’t do it justice because I haven’t been to one yet. Once I get to one, I’ll really realize it.”

Like many others — including New York defensive tackle Jared Harrison-HunteMiller expects to return this fall to take it in for the very first time.

But it’s not just the players that Meyer and his coaching staff talk to when explaining the rivalry.

“They love it,” Miller said of the coaching staff. “They talk to me about it all the time. They explained to my family today about all of the clocks everywhere counting down the days and hours until the game.

“So it’s a big deal.”

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  1. Go Bucks!!! Beat Michigan again! Hate TTUN… both as a school and as a football program.

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