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Accost the Field — 2020 Vision for Ohio State Recruiting

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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr talk about the wild week that was in Ohio State recruiting. They touch on the commitments, as well as those who committed elsewhere who weren’t happy with their Buckeye recruiting experiences. Five-star defensive end Zach Harrison is also discussed in depth, as is the importance of landing him. Is he a make or break recruit? All of this and much more, including listener questions.

The Rundown

+ Show schedule update.

+ John Cooper’s legacy on his 81st birthday.

+ Coop showed what Ohio State was capable of in modern football.

+ Yeah, but 2-10-1.

+ If John Cooper didn’t take the job, maybe today OSU is only where Michigan is — a regional power.

+ Who would have been the OSU coach if Cooper was fired in, say, 1992?

+ Ohio State head coach Nick Saban?

+ The Marshmallow Plea.

+ What a week it was in Ohio State recruiting.

+ The commitment of 2020 safety Lejond Cavazos, who will start out a corner.

+ Greg Schiano’s thoughts on the difficulty of scouting HS cornerbacks.

+ Two years of starting at IMG like Cavazos is a heck of a head start on college football.

+ The commitment of Jordan Battle, who will also start out at cornerback.

+ With the guys at safety already in 2019, Battle makes sense to start him out at corner.

+ Gotta start loading up on corners.

+ The biggest (literally, and maybe figuratively) commitment of the week — 2020 5-star OT Paris Johnson.

+ The 2020 version of Nicholas Petit-Frere?

+ He is the prototype.

+ Paris Pantoni?

+ The commitment of 2020 quarterback Jack Miller.

+ Quarterback gurus make Tony nervous sometimes.

+ He can’t rely on the 50/50 balls like he did last year — OSU isn’t Penn State.

+ The story of Jack Miller’s (two-year) high school career.

+ This is the earliest they have had this many kids committed one class ahead since the 2017 class.

+ And Urban Meyer loves the 2017 class.

+ The Devontae Dobbs Saga.

+ He didn’t like being lied to by Ohio State when they told him he could play as a freshman.

+ Ohio State does actually play freshmen.

+ Even on the offensive line.

+ If a high school player doesn’t think he can play as a true freshman, he’s absolutely right.

+ Dobbs also thought Michigan coaches were robotic.

+ Offensive line recruiting is a crapshoot, even at the top of the rankings.

+ The Brian Maurer Saga.

+ You snooze, you lose.

+ The importance of landing 2019 5-star Ohio defensive end Zach Harrison.

+ 6-6 245 running a 4.47 is kind of interesting.

+ Harrison is as confused as ever following his Michigan and Ohio State visits.

+ The Hot Takes are coming.

+ Zach Harrison is very important to Ohio State, but he’s a defensive end and OSU has had a lot of them.

+ If Harrison keeps his commitment date set, then that’s probably good for Ohio State.

+ If he pushes his commitment date out, then maybe start to freak out.

+ The No. 1 defensive end in the 2020 is a Buckeye target.

+ The 2021 class also has a local defensive end with an offer already.

+ Who was the last Ohio guy to make a major contribution to a Michigan win over Ohio State?

+ How are things looking currently for Zach Harrison?

+ What’s being said in the hallways?

+ If Michigan is negatively recruiting due to Larry Johnson’s age?

+ Is this the biggest recruitment since Terrelle Pryor?

+ Would the Buckeyes have been better off if Pryor had gone to Michigan?

+ The freshmen jersey numbers have been released, so let’s talk about it.

+ Tate Martell needs the No. 1 jersey next year.

+ Let’s bring back some linebacker numbers in the 50s and 90s.

+ Kids these days. SMH.

+ The B1G ADs want to implement national injury reports for college football.

+ For betting purposes?

+ We don’t know how to SnapFace.

+ Jim Harbaugh being forced to produce injury reports is neat though.

+ How do you enforce this?

+ Listener Questions.

+ Is there a player on this Ohio State roster who can dominate a game like greats in the past?

+ What was the more devastating safety injury — Christian Bryant in 2013 or Anderson Russell in 2006?

+ Who is the most prepared Buckeye this year?

+ What was the last major recruiting battle that OSU lost to Michigan on an in-state kid?

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