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Accost the Field — Tripping Down Ohio State Memory Lane

Accost the Field with Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr Ohio State Podcast Ohio State Football Buckeyes

In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr reminisce about their days as students at Ohio State way back when. They talk favorite games, campus eateries, drinkeries, players, and a whole bunch more.

The Rundown

+ The show is on vacation, but the news doesn’t stop.

+ We’ll get to back to the news that we missed when we come back.

+ Just a couple of guys having a good talk.

+ The first game you ever saw at Ohio Stadium.

+ Does the Spring Game count?

+ In some parts of Ohio, the Spring Game is a pretty damn big deal.

+ Tony doesn’t remember the first home game he ever attended, but the internet helped him.

+ Tom’s first Ohio State game took place in New Jersey.

+ Tom’s first game at the Shoe was Ken Hatfield’s last.

+ Everybody loves a sale!

+ We got spoiled to open the 1996 season.

+ David Boston and Michael Wiley changed everything.

+ It wasn’t always like this.

+ Favorite non-Michigan games we saw in Ohio Stadium.

+ Tom loves 2003.

+ We all love Phillip Rivers.

+ The Purdue game in 2012 was a good ‘un.

+ The 1995 Notre Dame was up there too.

+ The ending of the 2011 Wisconsin game rivals anything else.

+ The Penn State game last year was as strange as anything you’ll ever see.

+ The sideline during the 2011 Wisconsin ending was crazy.

+ The game wasn’t over when Devin Smith came down with that ball.

+ Being at eye level with the Penn State comeback last year was special.

+ The Penn State game was craziest mob scene we’ve ever seen.

+ The most painful loss you’ve ever seen in Ohio Stadium.

+ There are two answers and two answers only.

+ Let’s relive the misery of the Michigan State loss in 1998.

+ The Michigan State loss ruined everything.

+ Tom’s great Iowa roadtrip story!

+ Our gameday routines back in the day.

+ Hello B-Dubs!

+ Shoutout to Chittenden!

+ The Walk.

+ Remember VHS tapes?

+ Now we understand why Tony doesn’t have too much of a good memory.

+ Our favorite campus bars that are now gone.

+ We talk some Cluck-U Chicken and their slippery floors.

+ Favorite bars that are still open?

+ All hail the Out-R-Inn.

+ Praise for Mama’s Pasta & Brew. Sneaky good hole in the wall.

+ 80s music was big in the 90s.

+ Places were serving 32 oz. beers for some reason.

+ Tom reminisces about the free wings at City Center because he’s an old.

+ If you have one textbook to return, are you taking it to SBX or Long’s?

+ You know what’s a bunch of bullcrap? The kids nowadays get class notes online from the professors!

+ Sorry Claudette.

+ Your favorite Buckeye football player ever?

+ Antoine Winfield was just really fun to watch.

+ Orlando Pace was the best of ’em all.

+ The Heisman jumped the shark in 1996.

+ Favorite non-star Buckeyes of all time?

+ Tom went with a walk-on cornerback.

+ Tom loves Mark Garcia still.

+ Tony still has feelings for Roedell Dupree.

+ Favorite Michigan game we have ever seen in person.

+ The 2016 game was amazing for so many reasons.

+ Tom was at the 2006 game and his terrible seats didn’t even matter.

+ Teasing next week’s show by talking about our unsuccessful road trips to Michigan as students.

+ What was the full cost of your season tickets as a student?

+ Roll Tide.

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