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Accost the Field — Road Tripping Down Memory Lane

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For last week’s Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr reminisced about yesteryear. This week’s show is similar, but focuses on the memorable road trips the two have taken over the years. Including their separate but equally terrible trips to the state up north. What are the best places and worst places to experience a college football game? All of this and much, much more.

The Rundown

+ Vacation banter.

+ Roll Tide.

+ Describing today’s show.

+ This is the road trip show.

+ Our first road trips as students.

+ This is going to be a short show.

+ Traveling to West Lafayette is always an adventure!

+ Parking at Purdue is a nightmare.

+ Worst Big Ten campus to watch a game.

+ Illinois always sucks.

+ Where haven’t we been?

+ Maryland is neat, but the drive sucks because deer are waiting to attack.

+ Favorite B1G campus to watch a game.

+ Wisconsin is everything a college campus should look like.

+ Lincoln was pretty cool. The people are remarkably nice.

+ Iowa is the Bermuda Triangle of football.

+ Steer and hipsters intermingling.

+ Michigan State is nice, but probably has a lot of ticks.

+ Best road atmosphere we’ve ever seen in person.

+ The Buckeyes love playing at Penn State.

+ The press box at Penn State.

+ Virginia Tech’s environment was very underwhelming.

+ Notre Dame is fine.

+ There never seems to be a lot going on at Michigan Stadium.

+ The 2014 Michigan State game was a good one.

+ Tom reminisces about the 2006 Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame.

+ Charlie Weis’ decided schematic advantage.

+ Hot take: college football is better than the NFL.

+ The Debacle in the Desert.

+ Tom’s trip to Northwestern.

+ Tom’s worst road trip ever.

+ Joe Tiller was the best.

+ Road trip you’d like to make.

+ The 2015 Michigan game was a test of Ohio State’s character.

+ The 2001 Michigan game was unforgettable with a touch of bizarre.

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