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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr address the 3-game suspension of Urban Meyer and what it means for the Buckeyes. Was the punishment justified? How will the Buckeyes react to not having their head coach on the sidelines? What does life look like now for Ryan Day on game day? All of this and much, much more.

The Rundown

+ Urban Meyer is suspended for three games.

+ The day that was at the Longaberger Alumni House.

+ Tom was the real hero.

+ Props to the fans for remaining civil during the press conference.

+ The loading dock blues.

+ Gene Smith was also suspended.

+ The punishments were justifiable.

+ But it really had nothing to do with domestic violence.

+ Zach Smith did several fireable things, but kept getting a pass.

+ Gene Smith wanted Zach Smith fired for showing up late to practices and workouts.

+ What would Earle Bruce have thought of Meyer firing Zach Smith years ago?

+ What stood out to us most about the release?

+ Talking about deleting texts isn’t a good look.

+ Would it have been fireable if the investigative group could have proven Meyer deleted texts?

+ Was Urban Meyer supportive of his suspension?

+ If Urban would have listened to Gene before Big Ten Media Days, would we be here right now?

+ Who makes up a story like this?

+ Erroneous reports.

+ Things turned personal with Brett McMurphy.

+ Will this report lead to more digging?

+ Urban Meyer still has questions to answer.

+ The job of national columnists and talking heads is to always call for a firing.

+ People forget about how much good Urban Meyer has done at Ohio State off the field.

+ How long will this stick to Urban Meyer?

+ The report had enough in it to support whichever side of the aisle you’re on.

+ Ryan Day will now be the Ohio State head coach for three games.

+ What does this mean for playcalling on Saturdays?

+ How much quarterback power will we see?

+ Could Ryan Day call 26 runs for Dwayne Haskins as an homage to Urban Meyer while he is away?

+ What will the team’s demeanor be like over these next three games?

+ Listener questions.

+ What will week four look like when Urban Meyer finally returns?

+ Should Ohio State have emphasized more that Urban Meyer’s suspension wasn’t really about the domestic violence allegations?

+ Is there a chance that Urban Meyer never coaches another game at Ohio State?

+ Beat beefs are lame.

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