Board Of Trustees Sets Date For Meeting On Urban Meyer’s Future

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The Ohio State University Board of Trustees has now scheduled their meeting to discuss the results of the investigation into head coach Urban Meyer.

The investigative team is set to share its findings with the Board on Monday, in what the school is calling “an informational briefing.”

There will be no decision or discussion of a potential punishment today.

That conversation will come when the Board meets Wednesday morning at 9:00 am. The meeting will happen at Longaberger Alumni House, right across the street from the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

The meeting will start with a brief public session, as is required by law, but will adjourn into Executive Session before the Trustees discuss the Meyer investigation.

Executive Session means that only members of the Board will be allowed inside, and the public and media will not be able to watch or listen to the discussion.

Once the board holds its meeting, OSU previously said it will allow “appropriate time for consideration” before OSU President Michael Drake will announce his decision.

You can read the full release from Ohio State below.


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State University Board of Trustees will meet at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 22, to discuss personnel matters related to the investigation involving Urban Meyer. The meeting will be held at Longaberger Alumni House, 2200 Olentangy River Road. In keeping with Ohio open meetings law, the meeting will be convened in public session before entering executive session for the entirety of the personnel matters discussion.

The investigative team will verbally share its findings to the board today in an informational briefing. The board will not deliberate or discuss any public business or make any decisions today based on the information presented during the session. Today’s briefing is to ensure that board members are adequately prepared to discuss this matter at Wednesday’s meeting.

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  1. crime and punishment- i hope we don’t cave into national pressure. this last input about sex and sex toys are inapprorpiate but not illegal. only a few years ago if a person was gay he could lost his job. don’t ask don’t tell is no different. should we hide sex or just say we are human. i’m not talking about sanduskky, but i’m afraid that people will use broad strokes. there is a difference between consentual sex and rape of children if it was consentual. and even if it wasn’t , was it reported to the police. is urban a cop or coach? are we going to fire anyone who’s minions go to titty bars? then fire everyone and start over.

  2. Probably will make ESPN happy if Coach Meyer get fired. They hate OSU and Urban Meyer! Almost every article they put out about OSU Football is negative. Rarely to they put out anything positive. They kind of do a little better with the OSU Basketball program. But as some people mentioned above, leave Florida out of this. Being a Florida resident, although a Seminole fan, much of what happened at U F was really due to possible bad recruiting by Coach Meyer. Perhaps he didn’t do and indepth investigation on his recruits. I have seen far too many Florida High School players come in with poor records both in the classroom and socially. By far, more have been good students along with being great players. I see the same thing happening at OSU, although he maybe didn’t investigate Coach Smith very well. Oh well, I believe the Buckeyes will go very well this year whatever happens with Coach Meyer. I praying the the verdict will turn out positive for Coach Meyer and the Buckeye Football program. GO BUCKS!

  3. Thanks. In the mean time plans are being made for the 500K fee for the investigative team and the leading law firm.

  4. There is a report out saying the investigators will recommend that Urban Meyer be suspended. I think that is good news. They may consider the past three weeks as time served also.

  5. Patience Buckeye fans. All will be over soon. There never should have been any assumptions that an investigation over process would be anything but a tightly followed process. Consider it great news that the board is being addressed today with the findings to allow them to come prepared. Gives Drake time to mull his decision which could mean that on Wednesday a unanimously aligned president and board gives us back our coach.

  6. @Edward Hatzidakis Everyone has an expressed opinion concerning what has happened. None of those opinions anymore valid than another. Your opinion is that Urban did nothing wrong….Florida fans might respond with look at his past record….61 incidents while he was their coach. Two of the more famous cases being Percy Harvin and Aaron Hernandez.
    Personally I like that the committee has taken its time, gathered all the evidence necessary to make an informed decision, and will deliberate before determining the final outcome. The “fans” will know when the school has made a decision and not until then. Whether we agree with the outcome or not….at least in all appearances it seems as if the committee has done its job throughly.
    Are you ready for some football??? Go Bucks!!!

    1. Cageyone. If Urban was/is guilty at Florida what does that have to do with this and why wasn’t it addressed then? Really SICK and TIRED of what Urban did or didn’t do in FLORIDA. GIVE IT UP ALREADY! IF HE’S GUILTY CHARGE HIM AND DEAL WITH HIM!

      1. Kurt Mews–I totally agree..I’m sick and tired of hearing about dumb florida–is completely irrelevant to ANY of this.

  7. This amount of time is absolutely ridiculous! Ohio State Fans are loyal and deserve to be treated better. We have been waiting for a long time for this to play out. I think that they know what’s going to happen, but public opinion seems to be first and foremost. Ohio State Fans can’t even get excited about the season yet, because of OSU officials dragging their feet. I don’t think Urban did anything wrong except lying to the press, (so what!) but they’re letting a troubled woman make a mockery of this whole mess…

  8. Whatever the outcome, will the official findings of the investigative team be made public?

    1. Yes, there will be some sort of press hearing or press release for all in one form or another. Right now it seems like Wednesday, the whole world will stop turning.

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