Courtney Smith Vowed to ‘Take Urban Down’ Per Zach Smith’s Mother

Lynn Bruce, the mother of former Ohio State receivers coach Zach Smith, has broken her silence regarding the ongoing drama involving her son and ex-daughter-in-law Courtney Smith.

Speaking with occasional The-Ozone contributor Jeff Snook, Bruce discussed a variety of topics regarding Zach and Courtney, including her claim that Courtney “vowed to me she would get back at [Zach] someday. And she said she would take Urban down, too.”

In the interview, Bruce states that she doesn’t believe her son ever physically abused Courtney Smith, though she did see Zach use force in trying to remove himself from Courtney’s presence.

“I witnessed what she did several times,” Bruce said. “She would get in his face and block his path while screaming at him. One time when I was there, he was trying to walk down the steps and she blocked him so he couldn’t leave the house. He couldn’t get by her and he had to leave, so he just picked her up by the arms and placed her to the side, so he could walk by and walk out the door. When he did that, I am sure that would leave red marks on her arms. It would if he picked me up and moved me, too. Then she would take a picture.

“She was the aggressor. She was always very confrontational with him.”

The statements fly in start contrast to Courtney Smith’s own words last week, when she stated that Zach Smith was abusive to her on more than one occasion.

“I was scared. I did tell my parents,” she said. “I told (Zach Smith’s) parents as well. I remember specifically texting pictures to my mom, my dad, his dad, begging for help. This has to stop, this isn’t normal. I can’t do this any more. I was told ‘don’t call the police. If you call the police, he’s going to get arrested, it’s going to go to the media, he’s going to lose his job.’”

Snook also traded texts with Courtney’s mother, Tina Carano. Carano stated that she doesn’t believe Zach Smith ever intentionally abused her daughter and that she had heard Courtney say she would “take Zach down.”

The interview covers plenty more ground, providing more context to a sad tale that is now part of Ohio State fans’ everyday conversation.

As the special investigative group at OSU continues their deep dive into what Urban Meyer knew and how he responded to that information, these latest revelations further cloud an already complicated situation.

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  1. forget courtney, tom herman is the story. if his family gave courtney money to pursue legal action against smith and urban- he is fired and suspensions and sanctions are going to be leveled against texas. and urban and OSU should sue them. They have conspired to bring down the program and spread half truths. What this does to urban and OSU’s reputation is beyond calculation.

  2. I agree as well, sadly most have not and that began with ESPN, and even The B1G Ten network.

  3. Adam, very wise words. However, if one is an OSU fan or one just believes in justice, one is innocent until proven guilty. Most in the national media and many others have already considered him guilty, based on very ‘sketchy,’ evidence. Contrary to that, this appears to be actual evidence.

  4. Wait for the investigation to unfold? Gee whiz, what a novel idea!
    Seriously, that’s what I’ve said all along. Think everything will be alright!


  6. Zack Smith isn’t guilty of anything so far except marrying the wrong woman and being a man but he’s already been convicted in the press and lost his job and reputation. It’s just as likely she’s the abuser but the double standard is in full play and deep pockets are in sight. The investigation is a crock and has nothing to do with justice. It’s just a way to put control of Ohio State football under a bunch of hysterical politically correct women and their the media.

  7. As said before when the dust settles, Urban will be seen as someone who cared and invested heavily in a turbulent marriage.

  8. Robert Tamasay… Usually there are three sides to every story; your side, my side, and the truth. Getting to that third side can be tricky at times. This story is getting smelly and I think the odor may get stronger before all is said and done. No winners in this game, unfortunately.

  9. I read this and it is Zach Smith I feel sorry for and his children. Why did OSU throw him under the bus without a full investigation? How many Americans died in wars fighting communism and the spread of communism when the same principals of communism are alive and well in the USA? Shoot first and ask questions later. I am not saying he is innocent or she is wrong I am just saying innocent until proven guilty and he should be able to keep his job and good name until an investigation proves otherwise. This is not the country I grew up in and admired.

  10. This illustrates the dangers of “trial by media” and rush to judgment. There are almost always two sides to every story, yet we tend to listen to only one side and jump to conclusions.
    Domestic abuse is terrible and can’t be tolerated. But sometimes the “victim” is not who we think it is – we can’t presume that just because someone makes an accusation that they always are telling the truth, or representing the situation as it truly is/was.
    This story is not just about Buckeye football, but it’s also about a man’s career, his integrity and reputation. Hopefully Urban will be restored to his former position and soon he and OSU can move forward from here.

  11. How long can it take to find the appropriate paper trail. This has gone on long enough. The sad thing about this is coming from a family where my mother was physically abusive to my father, I know all to well the scenario around this. As male you can’t win. The police seem to think if your wife is abusive you should just beat her up. But if you defend yourself, you’re wife beater. My dad’s response, sit on my bed (I was 8 years old) because it was the only place in the house she would kick and punch him.

    Ya, and she was abusive to me as well, and I was sexually abused by a female baby sitter. (This all while I was living in Columbus.) The women have me too, men have absolutely no support in this type of environment. I also had several incidents initiated by females as an adult for which I could have filed sexual harassment charges. But the typical male response is pride. We don’t report.

    Until cases like these are investigated fairly without our prejudice caused by gender bias, injustices are going to happen. And my guess is, what Urban Meyer is going through right now is probably an injustice.

  12. Of course she is vindictive and is looking for a pay day! My main questions for Courtney would be, “How did you expect Ohio State to protect you?” “What is your true motive here?” If your goal was to get your husband fired for abuse, well congratulations! He’s finally fired. “Why didn’t you press charges if you were abused?” Why did you stay in a bad marriage for so long, and most importantly, how is Ohio State responsible for all of your poor decisions?” The truth is now that her husband is out of work, the money train is stopped. This isn’t hard to figure out.

  13. If Urban Meyer even gets any kind of suspension at all, it would be a disservice. He apparently did what he was supposed to do. His superior (Gene Smith) was informed and, at that point, the ball is in his court. My question is, did Gene go to HIS superior with it? If so, wouldn’t his/her culpability be similar to that of what Urby is being accused of?

  14. “Zach Smith’s mom said he didn’t do it so he’s innocent!”

    -Ohio State fans

    How about we just wait for the investigation to unfold before we label anyone innocent or guilty?

    1. Adam the probable scUM fan: it’s not only his mom but HER mom saying that! that’s pretty damning…just ridiculous how the biased media jumps the gun to fire someone without bothering to get all the facts then don’t bother reporting these things when they come to light…..the point is that the MEDIA is the one who was convicting without proof.

  15. Why didn’t McMurphy do a little digging? Answer: Because he is obviously a hack.Like most of ESPN.

  16. Hear, hear! Kudos to Jeff Snook, Lynn Smith and Tina Carano.
    No, don’t expect the mainstream media to pick this up, but I have a feeling it’ll go a long way in setting things right. About damn time!
    By the way……….want to see a pissed off, hungry team? Uh, tune in to the Buckeyes vs. Oregon State on 9/1/18. If the team was looking for adversity, this is it on a silver platter. GO BUCKS!!!!!!

  17. Jeff Snook great job and thank you for having the balls to write an article which just might expose courtney smith for what she really is. Pretty bad when her own mother thinks she is full of shit. Dont expect the national media to pick this up everywhere but I did see yahoo news printed it. Unfortunately for Jeff most in the media will be calling for his scalp for having the gall to question the credibility of the so called victim because nobody would EVER make up an allegation like this to grind an axe. If youre a man and a woman makes this type of allegation against you youre screwed. Guilty until proven guilty with almost no chance of ever being proven innocent. Hopefully the university has the balls to put urban back on the field and stand up to the media if their investigation exonerates urban of this horrible crime he has allegedly committed.

  18. Jeff Snook did an outstanding job investigating both sides of the story. What is really damaging is the testimony of Courtney’s mother, who sides with Zach Smith, and admits her daughter has deep-rooted problems. The part which states from her mother that Courtney wanted to bring down Zach as well as Urban, is very problematic for her accusations. The key to this case is the families of both Zach and Courtney, as well as the Powell Police Department. The lies from Courtney have been verified and discussed. I said this before….Brett McMurphy needs to do the right thing, and not accept his new position at Stadium. I expect him to fully resign from the position or be terminated by his new employer. Urban needs to be reinstated right away.

    1. Hat’s off to Jeff he did a really solid job, and I agree with you 100%. Urban Meyer belongs back on the field. Even if Urban wouldn’t want them, he deserves to hear apologies universally.

  19. I wouldn’t expect for Zach’s mother to say anything other than what she said. But deep down I suspect she knows that at least some of what Courtney has to say is at least partly true. Was she thinking that when she was there that her son was going to knock his wife around in front of her?

    Is Courtney vindictive? I don’t know but I can picture her outside a Courthouse or a capitol building wearing a goofy pink pu**y hat and screaming at the sky like a moron, through a megaphone.

    BUT!!! Not a single thing in that is a concern of Urban Meyer’s. The ONLY think in the entire situation that DOES concern him, is simple. Was he informed of even the potential of abuse, and did he report it? If the answer for both is yes, then Urban belongs back on the football field and is due a MASSIVE apology. END OF STORY.

    Zach’s mother did what any mother would try to do for her children.

    The information in the article doesn’t sway me either way. Just 2 questions answers will. The are again. Did he know of potential abuse, and did he report it.

    IMO Urban deserves an apology from sports media, Zach, Courtney, Gene Smith and the entire University, including the BOD.

    1. Mills- You are absolutely correct on the two questions, but why did you have to go to the pink hat? Irrelevant anecdote that can cause people to ignore everything else you ssid.

  20. Funny… news outlets jump all over Ohio State and urban the instant Courtney Smiths interview became public but when very real and factual information from her own mother come to light…. crickets ? Proof positive this is nothing more then a witch hunt field by haters. End the bullshit now and re-instate Urban now

  21. I knew Courtney Smith was a nut job but was to afraid to say anything for fear of backlash. This whole metoo movement is a game changer. Put Urban back where he belongs as head coach and call it a day. It’s total bullshit that this quack has created so many problems when there are real people being abused. Courtney Smith just set back victims of abuse and violance years….

    1. @Joe can you not form an intelligent response without showing your bias and using profanity? Have you ever counseled someone who has been abused by a spouse? This goes beyond what “we” the public are being told. In your “analysis” have you been able to reconcile the inconsistency with what Zach and his mother say with the text messages where he apologizes for the abuse? Have you ever considered that maybe Courtney’s Mom was “paid off/paid to say what she said?”
      There is so much more that we don’t know than what we know or may ever learn. Was there a rush to judgment? Possibly. Fans want to be believe their coaches/players are infallible but reality is none of us are…

      1. If Courtney Smith’s mom would throw her abused daughter under the bus for cash, then I think that tells you all you need to know about the cloth Courtney is cut from.

        This is not just about siding with a coach. We’re now talking about the head coach, the fired assistant coach, the assistant’s mother, his ex-mother-in-law, and the Powell Police Department. Their stories consistently paint a picture of Courtney that is vile.

        Now, I’m completely sure that Zack Smith is not fully innocent. However there’s so little hard evidence or even hear-say evidence from any third party other than Courtney, that it makes his firing look like it wouldn’t stand in court, if Zack chose to challenge it. However, that’s not even the issue that we’re debating. The issue of Urban’s knowledge and involvement starts and ends with him reporting the issue to the AD. In like of so little evidence, what more can anyone expect?

        1. @MrBuckeye….how do you reconcile Zach’s own words where he apologizes for the abuse? Like I said before there is so much more to the case that the public is not privy to nor should they be. This matter should not be tried in the court of public opinion but we do not know the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
          There were instances which occured while at Florida that also factor into the equation. I believe i also read where the “investigative committee” has found other things which they are looking at as well….not sure what those could be…we will all have to wait until their report comes out. Then we will probably wonder how much of what they find will actually be released to the public. Either way this turns out it does not bode well for anyone directly or indirectly involved. Personall I’m ready for some football….JUST NOT NFL!!!

      2. cageyone–oh please! if her mom was really paid off that says a LOT about her family for taking the money…the media bias has been ridiculous..nobody says Meyer is “infallible” –it was just the media rush to judgment without gathering all the facts…as like a witch hunt and to fire him immediately…when her own mom comes out and says these things that’s pretty revealing….sounds like BOTH aprties are at fault and Meyer did all a coach could do and probably more.

  22. not shockingly media outlets that were jumping the gun calling for Urban to be fired on the spot are quiet about reporting this–this seems like pretty crucial info to me..yet go to espn and….nothing..not that i expect much from that idiot network anymore sadly…

    1. It’s the age we live in. The mainstream media (sports, politics, take your pick) has no interest in presenting both sides of the story. They’ll fall on the PC side of the fence every time because that’s what they’re paid to do. Sad but true.

  23. I am really concerned for Myers! The committee, that has been set to investigate, is like having the fox guard the chicken house!

    The investigative panel, headed by former Ohio House Speaker Jo Ann Davidson, was convened on Aug. 5. The lead investigator on the panel is former federal prosecutor and S.E.C. Chair Mary Jo White who also spearheaded investigations against the Saints in the “bountygate” scandal and more recently, the probe against Carolina Panthers’ owner Jerry Richardson.

    Hell has no ferry like a women scorned! I can’t help but think the women will have an axe to grind or try to bring down someone of his position! The are trying to make a precedence from which they can hang others by!

    1. Ultimately, Ohio State gets to choose whether Meyer stays or goes. The panel is simply there for PR reasons.

  24. This is why you always wait till you hear all the sides.

    1. exactly–too many of these types of cases have a rush to judgment before ALL the facts from AL parties are out there..sad story but also sheds some possible light on this too….

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