The End is Near and It Can’t Come Soon Enough

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Eleven days ago, the special investigative group looking into the Zach Smith situation and what Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer knew, when he knew it, and what he did with that information said they would be wrapped up with their investigation in 14 days.

That means we are in the home stretch of no longer being an invasive species in a family situation that certainly doesn’t need us there.

The rubbernecking is almost over. It’s time to finish our popcorn and wipe the crumbs from our collective shirt.

What that investigative group finds will determine Meyer’s fate, but if all they find is what we already know, I would expect him back on the sidelines sooner rather than later for the Buckeyes.

If more is found, then the investigative group did its job and those chips should fall wherever the gravity of truth takes them.

Either way, it will all be over soon.

If Meyer is found to have followed the protocols set up by the University and subsequently reinstated, there will be some who still call for a suspension of some length. As long as there is flesh available, there will always be the appetite to have the customary pound.

What those people will ignore, however, is that Zach Smith has already been fired and Urban Meyer has been on punishment this entire month.

When torchholders wanted Ohio State to continue to be punished for Tatgate, they conveniently forgot that the Buckeyes fired their head coach months earlier.

There are already columns written and probably even edited in the event that Meyer is reinstated. Ohio State’s win-at-all-costs approach perfectly suits the demon in a windbreaker that is Urban Meyer.

Of course, let’s not forget the fact that Ohio State has fired four consecutive Hall of Fame coaches.

Yes, the University wants to win so badly that they keep firing their best winners ever.

Minds are already made up on both sides. The critics say that if Meyer is reinstated that he was never going anywhere. Those same critics have been calling for his head regardless of procedures. But maybe — just maybe — if he is found to have followed procedures, he actually followed procedures.

Now does that mean he did enough? The investigative group will also have some thoughts on that — and they will also have more information than anybody else on the topic — especially those who have already made up their minds.

Do I think Urban Meyer did enough? I have no idea. The committee isn’t calling me for input. I don’t know everything he did or didn’t do. I don’t know all of the information he had, what experiences he previously had with the Smiths, or what the police told him whenever a situation arose.

I know what I have been told, however, which is another reason why I think Meyer will be back on the sidelines eventually for the Buckeyes.

I fully expect new protocols to be put in place by Ohio State because that’s how things go. If it is determined there are blindspots, you try to eliminate those blindspots. Meyer didn’t install those blindspots, however, so how much blame does he shoulder in that respect?

If it is found that he chose to live in those blindspots, then action is warranted.

Regardless, soon Ohio State football will move on, and they’ll do it with or without a new head coach.

Some will accept the investigation and others will not. But the games are still going to be played. Players are still going to make plays. And on the field, the goals will remain the same.

Off the field, however, the goals should change.

If Ohio State wants to avoid something like this in the future, a more proactive approach might be wise because the reactive approach didn’t work all that well.

That doesn’t mean there was any wrongdoing, it just might mean there could have been more rightdoing.

If Meyer is reinstated, some columns will be generated, but eventually a new subject matter will emerge. Meanwhile, the Smiths will still be mired in what used to be the story of the day.

What some viewed as entertainment is actually real life for a family that will never be the same.

There are no winners here, just different levels of loss.

The investigative group will reveal their findings in the next few days. Everyone will go on, but some will take much longer to recover.

Hopefully the healing process starts soon, because the hurting process has gone on long enough.

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  1. I just hope next time Coach Meyer has to take action that is potentially controversial that he will consult with Jerry Emig to write an honest statement before going in front of the media. There was no reason for him to be unprepared to deal with legitimate questions about the Smith firing. Write/release a statement and then focus on questions about football. Let the team that’s there to support you (and the school) actually, y’know, support you.That said, I look forward to Coach Meyer’s return and a successful season.

  2. Thanks Gerd, after reading your article, we should insist that you be placed above all other local and national sports’ media experts. It was factual, objective, covered the expanse of the issue, non bias and simply spoke the truth. Sadly, this includes the B1G Ten Network, which I’m terribly disappointed and have lost a lot of respect. I will no longer watch ‘Paul Finebaum,’ nor the majority of ESPN either on radio or TV. At least those on PTI, which too often place their arrogant politics above sports gave Urban a fighting chance, even though a dig was given that they didn’t care for him. Yes, Gerd, even as Christ was scourged to appease the mob, haters from the media, OSU and Urban haters, bloggers who claim omniscience and those whose political agendas out weigh facts will all claim bias. As we hear the ‘biopsy’ report Sunday, our hearts will pound. My question for you Gerd; if Urban is exonerated which I really expect, as I see this more as a horrible marriage on display. And as Urban may be scourged due to his reporting gaffe and more to keep the mob with the cross and nails from an uproar. Should OSU, Urban, OSU coaches, athletic department and even us fans, who the vast majority wanted a ‘let’s wait and see,’ demand the wealthy arm chair talking heads media types give an thorough apology. Or maybe we can even give out some lashes ourselves, stating that those who falsely berated him are welcome on campus, but will be shunned for a year? Because as much as they pounded from the pulpit that justice is served, we, the OSU nation should demand equal justice?

  3. Gerd, what a great article! This was one of the most impartial, well written, analysis that I have read on the subject. We know what we know and we don’t know what we don’t know. Name calling and speculation is just that and nothing more. Is the committee merely investigating this situation or is there something further that might come out along the way? Again, the only way we will know anything is when it is revealed and then the question is; how much of their findings will we be told about?
    Personally I am ready for two things….football….and Joe Burrow to return….(that said with tongue in cheek). Go Bucks!

  4. Well written and thought out article by Tony G.
    “There are no winners here, just different levels of loss”
    Everyone has an opinion just like everyone has a asshole.

  5. Maybe the best summary of the situation written to date. Thank You for a dose of sanity.

  6. 2 games for lying at the B1G media day. If you are asking why Urban is still being investigated and not coaching yet… ask yourself why he lied. Then you will know why the committee that is investigating hasn’t already reinstated him.

    1. Early on in this I would have agreed completely. However, with McMurphy’s facebook posting being edited in the same time frame I think it’s less cut and dry than that. If you take the original wording of McMurphy’s “article” and apply that to what Urban said the statement makes more sense. It was clumsy at best, but still not a clear lie in my opinion.

    2. 2 games for lying? You’re a troll.

      He’s already been suspended from his job for two+ weeks. Let’s get back to work.

      1. Very intellectual comment there Mr. Buckeye.

        No troll. OSU Grad and Buckeye for life.

        I believe he must be held to the same standards he sets forth for the young men he leads. So I think if one of them were caught lying to the media about something this significant… I would hope he would also give them 2 games.

        And a lie is a lie, he said he knew of nothing in 2015… yet he did. He said he didn’t know who makes up stories like that… the one clear thing that has come out of this is… this story is not made up.

        1. Nick Saban lied about the Alabama job when he was head coaching the Miami Dolphins. Tommy Tuberville lied about the Auburn job when he was coaching Ole Miss. Standards? Want to throw in politics and start that crap? Please…

    3. Allen, I don’t assume he lied. Maybe he did, none of us can look into his heart, soul and intention. I’m in a profession where I work with hundreds of people with all sorts of life challenges and celebrations. So does Urban, 100 plus players, their families, coaches and their families, recruiting players and their families, media types, OSU admin, and even his family and so forth. Likewise with Urban If someone put me on the spot not prepared, unaware of a specific issue that happened 3 years ago, which I may have not recalled immediately, that doesn’t make me a liar. He needed to share, I don’t recall, as he may not have easily remembered that. I tend to put the best construction on things and as Gerd pointed out, most Americans and the media, placed the worst construction on things.

    4. Lying about what?!… the presumption that you posses a brain?…if he said THAT, bug-bye 4EVER!!!!

  7. I work in Ann Arbor and I’ve told my co-worker Wolverine fan friends, the worst thing he did was to give Zach Smith probably one chance too many. I also tell them that Meyer has been trying to encourage Smith to go elsewhere in subtle ways, but may have had trouble firing a guy he’s known for 30 years.
    I’ve also been predicting 2-game suspension, back on the sidelines for TCU in Jerry’s World.
    Go Buckeyes!

  8. MY greatest hope is that the committee – and Ohio State – do the RIGHT thing, not the politically correct thing or the expedient thing.
    If Urban did what he should have, passing word along appropriately, he should be reinstated – and without further penalty. As the song says, “no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.” Are head football coaches expected to be the exception?
    However, if Urban did not follow protocol and has misrepresented the situation, much as I hate to say it, he should be gone.
    From what I’ve read, it sounds like this was a very messy domestic matter from all sides, with neither of the Smiths free of blame.
    Urban’s future should not be dictated by the court of public opinion which is largely guided by a media that rushes to judgment long before all the pertinent facts have surfaced. If the committee fears, “What will they think of us?” well, we already know. Haters gonna hate.
    Their decision should be solely based on the reality of the situation, not what already hostile commentators might – and probably will – say in the aftermath.

  9. James Mills, couldn’t have said it any better!

  10. I’ve asked this before and I ask it again: if Urby followed protocal and reported it to his superior (Gene Smith) and Smith followed protocol and reported it to his superior (Drake), will Drake be held to the same standard as Urban?

  11. The ONLY thing they need to answer is……..did Urban Meyer report to his superiors events concerning Zach Smith. Gene Smith’s actions says that he did. Urban said he did………stop the happy horseshit clown show and get Urban Meyer back on the sideline. Investigate Gene Smith and the escapee from the psych ward Courtney, and/or Zach Smith.
    Why is someone on trial for DOING his job according to his contract? Because Ohio States Administration and BOD have fallen into the trash heap more and more over the last 15 years, and it’s DISGUSTING.

    Why is there a TIME at all….the parties involved aren’t, or no longer are coaches at Ohio State. Just some disgruntled drama queen, Gene Smith, and the “always was” loser Zach Smith.

    ANY investigator can affirm or produce negative information to the contrary of his claim that he reported the events in HOURS. They could get that information with “1” single phone call and a fax. It doesn’t require a gaggle of politically correct clowns getting paid 100 times more than they’re worth to look into.

    Every railroad yard has a foul smell, and this is one of them. Some things are just too obvious what’s going on. Get those overpaid MORONS off the Campus and shut this dog and pony show down.

  12. Funny how two guys can read the same thing and get two different opinions. I saw drake say no comment until after the invest. And it will be over when it’s over. I agree, there shouldn’t be a timeline. When it’s over report the results. Simple enough.

  13. Apparently you haven’t listened to or read Drakes ignorant comments. The end is no nearer today than it was when this whole stupidity first began.

    ANY time you allow the corruption of Lawyers begin something that amounts to nothing, you can bet your last penny that they are working to “create” an excuse to satisfy wrongful termination. Looking at the list of “investigators” the obviousness is that they are working to steal Urban Meyers guaranteed payout and destroy the coaching career of a person who is 50 times their superior as professionals AND as people.

    ALL of my complaints about Urban Meyer have been decisions he’s made as a Coach, and a Coach masquerading as a CEO. That’s just stupidity. At the end of the day, he produces a majority of GREAT young men and student athletes. THAT should be every coaches top priority and goal. He’s fulfilled that better than ANY coach in my memory, which includes Woody. Combined with the results on the Football field and knowing that he has carried out his duty according to his contract, he’s one of the most honorable coaches to have ever been associated with College Football.

    Drake’s comments make me want to puke, because it sounds like the engine has been towed out and the railroad has begun in earnest.

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