‘Yesterday is Gone’ — Watch the New Zone 6 Moving On, Making Plays

Brian Hartline Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Almost lost in the entire Zach Smith saga is the fact that many of his former players are still current Buckeyes and their respective paths toward a successful 2018 season are ongoing.

Fall practice is in full swing for the Ohio State football team, and that includes the wide receivers and new position coach Brian Hartline.

A former NFL receiver, Hartline stepped in when Zach Smith was let go and he and graduate assistant Keenan Bailey have been hard at work keeping this unit moving in the proper direction.

On Sunday, Hartline tweeted out a video produced by Ohio State’s fantastic creative media team that speaks to the process of progress and a rebirth of a new Zone 6.

There is a lot going on in the video below, literally and figuratively.

There are also plenty of highlights of receivers making plays.

Check it out for the football, stay for the message.

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  1. One of my big concerns right now, only slightly related here, is the recruiting of Zach Harrison. I haven’t heard anything on where that stands or how he is thinking about the situation. He’s a “must get” as I see it. JMHO.

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