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Accost the Field — Is Ohio State Ready for Happy Valley?

Accost the Field with Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr Ohio State Podcast Ohio State Football Buckeyes

In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr talk Ohio State at Penn State. They discuss all different angles of this one. Is this the game where Dwayne Haskins becomes an Urban Meyer favorite? Which defense should be more concerned and who does a shootout favor? Will the Buckeye linebackers be ready? All of this and much more, including listener questions.

The Rundown

+ The lion roars.

+ If you want to rehash the Tulane game, do it here.

+ The best thing we saw.

+ Dwayne Haskins is still pretty good.

+ Maybe Parris Campbell catching a deep pass was the best thing we saw.

+ Yes, Tulane is garbage, but other Buckeye quarterbacks have played garbage as well.

+ Haskins is doing things that we aren’t used to seeing around here.

+ Did Dwayne Haskins set a record with a 300-yard half of passing?

+ What about Greg Frey in 1989?

+ Fans and media may have forgotten J.T. Barrett, but Urban Meyer hasn’t.

+ Haskins looks like a guy who can beat a team in January.

+ The worst thing we saw?

+ What’s up with the running game?

+ The backups didn’t keep the momentum going.

+ Urban Meyer’s thoughts on none of his starting linebackers recording tackles against Tulane.

+ Are there reasonable reasons for this to happen?

+ Only two linebackers have graded out as Champions this season.

+ What is the difference between playing “pretty well” and being a Champion?

+ Breaking News! (From 1989.)

+ Missing that 1989 Minnesota game.

+ Missing the Frank Reich comeback game as well.

+ Why don’t they make the entire plane out of Frank Reich’s second half performances?

+ Injury updates.

+ Nick Bosa is out, Mike Weber and Robert Landers are in.

+ Is Penn State an Ohio State rival?

+ Tom’s rant about Penn State being a rival.

+ Tom is lost in 1989.

+ The only good stat from the late ’80s regarding Ohio State football.

+ The reason this game is important is because of the standings, not the school.

+ The 2014 game at Penn State is when Urban Meyer fell in love with J.T. Barrett.

+ Could this be that game for Dwayne Haskins?

+ Will Urban slow play the hype machine for Haskins because he doesn’t want to lose him to the NFL this year?

+ Dwayne Haskins should be allowed to struggle.

+ He is not the biggest concern.

+ Trace McSorley’s reads are going to be the bigger problem.

+ Reading something twice makes it true.

+ The Buckeyes win 99.9% of the time when they score 35 or more points.

+ How do we feel about the Buckeyes scoring 35 in this one?

+ We haven’t seen Ohio State’s offense try to score on every drive.

+ Penn State’s scores at the half have not been impressive.

+ Trace McSorley’s completion percentage is down from last year.

+ The Penn State receivers aren’t super.

+ Make McSorley beat you throwing, right?

+ The Buckeyes just need to keep the pedal to the metal.

+ Don’t let Sean Clifford in the game.

+ Urban’s plan to keep Trace McSorley healthy.

+ Hello Urban, thanks for listening.

+ Staying on schedule offensively.

+ Penn State doesn’t give up big plays in the passing game.

+ Ohio State makes big plays in the passing game.

+ So what gives?

+ What is 6 divided by 4?

+ Algebra is dumb.

+ Does Ohio State need to outrush Penn State to win?

+ What did the players have to say on Tuesday.

+ Dwayne Haskins is too cool for school, but not in an academic way.

+ Michael Jordan talked about his bad snaps.

+ We’re not sure those bad snaps are done.

+ Thayer Munford was at the 2016 Penn State game as a recruit,

+ He wore black to the White Out.

+ Munford — now a sophomore starter — saw Isaiah Prince have a rough outing as a sophomore starter in Happy Valley.

+ Penn State’s offense is relentless, which is why they outscore opponents in the second half.

+ Penn State has not played against a defense that rotates like Ohio State’s.

+ Listener question.

+ Which Buckeye is most likely to record a pick six in this game?

+ An involved question about Michigan’s recruiting troubles and why that might be.

+ The Residual Tressel Effect is my band’s name!

+ When will Jeremy Ruckert become a part of this offense?

+ Which non-starters deserve more playing time?

+ What weird thing should be expected in Saturday’s game?

+ Which defense has more pressure on it to perform this weekend?

+ Has Nick Bosa played in his final game as a Buckeye?

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