Live Updates: Ryan Day, Greg Schiano Call-In Show 9.13.18

Ryan Day Ohio State Football Buckeyes

Ohio State acting head coach Ryan Day and defensive coordinator Greg Schiano will take part in Thursday’s Urban Meyer radio show to provide updates on the Buckeyes and also preview Saturday night’s big matchup against No. 15 TCU. This will be Day’s final regularly-scheduled appearance as Meyer will return to his full head coaching capacity at midnight early Sunday morning. Refresh for live updates once the show begins in a few minutes.

Greg Schiano

+ There are trends on the kickoffs now. There are about 10% fewer kickoffs now. OSU has predominantly gotten the fair catch from their opponents.

+ The receivers are all very explosive, so you’ve got to cover them. They will also run the ball with speed and reverses and screens. There have been issues with the tunnel screen early in the season for the Buckeyes, so they need to be on point this week against those plays.

+ There have only been two games with this TCU offensive line together, but they are physical and very talented. They look like a Big Ten offensive line.

+ You can feel when an offensive line is gearing towards one side of the defensive line or the other. Good defensive linemen can feel it. Alignment can also signal strengths and weaknesses. It’s cat and mouse, but you still have to beat the guys across from you.

+ Jonathon Cooper is such a grinder. He plays so hard. His plays will come. It’s just a matter of time.

+ On Chase Young: “He is really progressing. He’s a big, big man that is very athletic. When you can have him on the other side of Nick, it poses issues for offensive coordinators. They need to make decisions how they’re going to protect.” Rutgers offensive coordinator John McNulty told Schiano last week that you have to pick your poison with the defensive line.

+ He liked the effort from the entire defense last week. It wasn’t just the starters, it was everybody who took the field.

+ The defensive line is playing very well and Nick Bosa is the leader of that crew. Offenses have to scheme against him. Robert Landers’ quickness is also a huge benefit for the defense.

+ Bosa is so physically gifted. He is flexible and can do a lot of things that other guys just can’t. But he has also put in a lot of work and he studies and trains to be great.

+ Shaun Wade has been productive in practice, which is why they wanted him on the field. It also helps that he can play anywhere in the secondary. “He played inside, he played outside, and he even played a little safety.”

+ It was good to have Jordan Fuller back because he knows the defense so well and he is also one of the best tacklers. He’s a guy that you can almost take for granted, but then when he’s not out there and a big play happens, you remember that you missed Fuller.

+ Tuf Borland is still shaking off the rust, so he hasn’t been perfect, but even still he is around the ball and will continue to get better and improve. He played 21 plays last week after 10 the first week.

+ Baron Browning is getting better and better, and Dante Booker is getting back to form as the old Dante Booker. They also feel comfortable with Justin Hilliard in the game. Playing so many spread teams, however, you don’t get to play as many linebackers as you’d like.

+ TCU quarterback Shawn Robinson changes the defense’s approach. It’s not option football, but it is because he’s reading the defense on hand-offs. Not only do they have to decipher the plays correctly, they then have to tackle the ball. “We have our hands full.”

+ Robinson doesn’t necessarily scramble just to run. He has an arm that he can throw it 50 or 60 yards on the scramble with the flick of the wrist.

+ Isaiah Pryor took a big step between week one and week two with consistency, and that’s what the coaches are looking for. There will continue to be a competition at that safety spot and Shaun Wade will eventually get a look there as well.

Ryan Day

+ Ideal conditions this week in AT&T stadium, save for the fact that they will be playing TCU’s defense, which Day said is not exactly ideal.

+ The Buckeyes had some practices in the rain and also had a practice that was delayed by lightning, so they referenced both of those games. Day told the team they weren’t going to limit their aggressiveness because of some rain.

+ Transfer quarterback Chris Chugunov is a mature guy. He does a nice job in the meeting room for only being here for such a short time. Freshman Matthew Baldwin is close to being able to play.

+ As a quarterback, you always need to have your eyes in the right spots in order to trigger your progressions. You have to rehearse that in your mind and if you do, you’ll play better in the game.

+ The depth at tight end has allowed them to play with two tight end sets. It allows the offensive line to set the tone with the running game, and it also sets up the play-action and puts defenders in a run-pass conflict.

+ There are a couple of true freshmen who could see the game this week if there is time for them at the end.

+ Thayer Munford is doing a good job. He was thrown in there at left tackle after being at right tackle last year. Josh Alabi has done a nice job at left tackle as well. They feel confident that either guy could play at any time.

+ This feels like a road game, but Day knows the Buckeye fans will be abundant in the stadium.

+ OSU does a Friday walk-through at the hotel. “We don’t want to shoot our gun too early in the game.” Waiting for a night game, you have to use your time wisely. That gives you an extra six or seven hours that you can prepare for the game.

+ C.J. Saunders showed good quickness as a punt returner. They are fortunate to have depth with him and Demario McCall. They will continue to practice through the week and see how that spot progresses.

+ Johnnie Dixon is an excellent leader.

+ For the receivers, sometimes it’s the luck of the draw when plays are being called and to whom. They rotate so much that sometimes they’re not in there at the “right times” to get the ball.

+ The coaching staff is neurotic about not being predictable by overdoing what has been working, but they have to be careful not to overthink things because the opposing defense has “still got to stop it.”

+ Austin Mack is a really good route runner and he is really strong. They expect him to win one-on-one matchups as an X receiver, same with Binjimen Victor.

+ TCU’s defense has been built to defend speed. They run to the ball and they’re very athletic.

+ TCU’s defense is built for tempo. They get the calls in fast. OSU must dictate the tempo, they can’t let TCU dictate the tempo.

+ The running backs have been blocking well, they’ll need to have their best game in that regard this week.

+ TCU’s 4-2-5 defense features a hybrid linebacker/safety. He will be covering the H-backs in the slot. They ask a lot of that defender.

+ The concern is always that TCU’s defense is going to show them something they haven’t seen. They know it’s going to happen and they have to adjust to it.

+ Tate Martell does a great job of finding throwing lanes. “They also need to know where their escape hatch is.” Doug Flutie mentioned that to Day when they met once.

+ The OSU offensive line is big, but they are athletic. Communication will be huge this week because this is their first road game in new spots for three of the five guys on the line. Michael Jordan is getting better every week. He is making the calls well and snapping well. “There’s a lot more processing going on.”

+ Tate Martell gaining experience is great. For the first time last week he showed what he can really do in a game. “He was 10-for-10, that was good.” It was also a great sign that he took a big shot on the sideline and then came back after missing one play. He got the wind knocked out of him. He wanted to go right back in and was yelling to Day to let him back in, but Day had to tell him the rules said he had to sit for one play.

+ To be a part of Ohio State — a place with now 900 wins — and to be a part of the 900 wins is humbling to be a part of the great tradition here.

+ Asked about fast starts on offense, Day said the coaching staff has gotten the players ready and gotten them prepared for the right looks on defense. “So we’ve got to keep that going.”

+ Dwayne Haskins’ work in practice and in the meeting room is translating very well to the field. “You have to play with imagination,” meaning that you only get so much practice time, so you have to visualize everything that you are going to see as a QB.

+ The offense starts with protection. When the protection is there, the quarterbacks can set their feet and throw the ball accurately. The communication is also key because Rutgers was sending a lot of blitzes. The spacing of the routes is also good.

+ “Every time you do well you gain confidence.”

+ The running backs are playing well and getting to the second level. They get five or six consecutive plays, then due to tempo they generally need to come out for a fresh guy.