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Walk With The Buckeyes From Skull Session To The Horseshoe

Every Ohio State home game starts the same way, with the Buckeye Walk.

Two hours before kickoff, the football team leaves the Blackwell hotel and walks over to St. John Arena. That’s the home of the OSU Marching Band’s traditional pregame warmup concert, Skull Session.

The team makes a quick stop there to address the fans and the band, and then moves on.

From there, they walk out of St. John, cross Woody Hayes Drive and walk through the North Rotunda of Ohio Stadium.

They go down the ramp, and onto the field. They cross the field from north to south, and then head up to their locker room to get ready.

It has been a gameday tradition at OSU since Jim Tressel arrived in 2001. But because of security, it’s impossible for fans to walk along with the Buckeyes the whole way.

Earlier this fall, people asked us to give them a look inside the Buckeye Walk, from Skull Session to the Stadium. You can see the results below.

Do you have something behind-the-scenes that you’d like to see on a game day? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I get to St. John Arena early to get my seat for the Skull Session. I see the team inside the Skull Session that’s all. I never had a chance to see them walk to the stadium.

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