WATCH: A Look Inside Nick Bosa’s Rehab From Injury

Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa injury rehab

While the Buckeyes were crushing Penn State’s season last weekend, their best player was about 200 miles away working to get back to them.

Junior defensive end Nick Bosa is rehabbing at the Vincera Institute in Philadelphia.

Last week, Bosa had surgery for a lower abdominal muscle tear.

Over the weekend, Bosa began doing ladder drills – albeit much slower than normal.

The post on Twitter that shows Bosa rehabbing says that he can start jogging around 10 days following his operation. That should happen some time this week.

His exact time table to return to the field is still unclear, but Urban Meyer provided some insight before the Penn State game.

“We’ve already had those discussions a little bit,” Meyer said last Monday. “But that’s down the road when he becomes healthy again. You can’t ask for a better family and people.

“I don’t want to paraphrase John and Cheryl Bosa, but as they said, ‘we trust our children to this program.’ And we will continue to do so. And so those conversations will be had, but absolutely. Not that you treat anybody different than another player. I want to make sure that’s clear. But that’s a real conversation that we’re going to have.”

You can watch video of Bosa rehabbing below.

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  1. Cherry picking whatever words I wanted out of different sentences and paragraphs of your article: “Bosa will be back in 10 days.” Seriously, It is good to hear he is making progress. If he never plays another down in scarlet and gray he gave everything he had and was more than worth the price of admission. Here’s wishing a complete recovery and ability to do as he wishes with the rest of his life.

  2. The Buckeyes “were crushing” Penn State? I must’ve seen a different game …

    1. the “‘s season” the follows that is kind of important to the meaning of the phrase.

      1. Good point. I missed that. Thanks, Tom.

  3. Hoping he can get back soon for the team but the main thing is hoping he is healthy soon for his own sake as a human being, this is someone’s son, grandson…praying for a speedy recovery

  4. At this point, the realists among the fan base must plan on the rest of the regular season lacking Nick Bosa- and that’s at a minimum. I don’t want to see him improperly rushed back to action a la JT or Tuf (and please, no excuses about how “tough” JT and Borland are. Both players clearly aren’t/weren’t ready to return). I just want the young man to heal.

    1. I agree. I don’t see him back at all. He will probably be healthy enough in the post-season, but if I were him I’d not push my luck. There are millions of $ up for grabs.

    2. Totally spot on Longtime fan. Enough of the “we need him back for this and that talk”. His health is most important.

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