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Accost the Field — It’s a Mailbag Spectacular

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In this episode of Accost the Field, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr give you an unheard of THIRD show this week. This episode is entirely made up of listener questions that we weren’t able to get to in the last show. Questions about the running game, what’s wrong with the defense, grading the position coaches, offensive line woes, the future of gameday foods, Dante Booker at defensive end, and many, many more.

If you would like to skip around to only the questions that will impact your life, you can click on the question and it will take you directly to the corresponding clip on YouTube.

Question 1: Why hasn’t Greg Studrawa been able to develop 5-star depth in Josh Myers and Wyatt Davis, especially with how awful our current guards have been? Can you ask Urban if he ever plans to make a major defensive change before a loss? — @plessinger3

Question 2: If two members of the offensive line graded as champions after the Minnesota performance, do I come to the conclusion that this is as good is we are going to get from that unit? Yikes, I saw 90 yards rushing and pressure on Haskins all game. — @GoBucks81

Question 3: What would be your most irresponsible purchase after signing the number 1 overall draft pick contract? — @Burner_Acct69

Question 4: Where do you see the future for game party food going? Will pizza still be relevant in 20 years? Burger King was popular in the 90s but dropped off ☹️. I think wings have dropped off too. — @CanfieldDream

Question 5: What is the true issue with the OSU defense? I thought it was just the secondary going into Minnesota. They showed we can’t stop the run or slant pass. — @AdamVonderhaar

Question 6: When would you guess Branden Bowen would be available to play? After the bye week against Nebraska, or later? — @ChipMinnich

Question 7: I don’t want to spend my entire commute crying into my steering wheel…so I’ll ask a non-Bosa question. Do you think the loss of Harrison and Cooper last week may be a blessing in disguise? If anything, they should be well rested and have some pep in their step. — @BrutusBuckeye13

Question 8: This 2018 football squad, so far this season, are most like WHAT other Buckeye team (in the 2000s only)? — IndianaBuckeye

Question 9: I’d like you to grade the position coaches with any scale you choose — carperemote

Question 10: When will we start lining up our LBs in an effective position, i.e., behind the DL and in front of the DBs? — saludabuck

Question 11: Speed, spreads and RPOs, rules that that favor the O and disfavor the D, injury tents, million-dollar assistant coaches, and the prevalent focus on the CFP vs. league championships and Rose Bowls — what would Woody Hayes think of today’s college game? How would he address the current team’s opportunities to improve? — LPatriots

Question 12: Why no McCall? Why. Dammit. — tGW

Question 13: It seems like we are adequate running inside but struggle more getting outside. Could this be more of a weakness of TE blocking than OL? Or is it a combination of both? What needs to improve the most to get the running game going? — Moebuck

Question 14: Over/under 2.0 position changes or new starters coming out of the bye week? — @Burner_Acct69

Question 15: Dante Booker was seen doing some DE drills yesterday. Any insight on if he will be getting some snaps at DE? —@BrutusBuckeye13

Question 16: How much $$ would it take to get Ed Warinner back to exclusively coach the line while also having a restraining order on the distance he must remain away from any offensive game planning? It’s going to be pretty painful if we lose to TTUN this year because of him. — @Plessinger3

Question 17: Here’s a random question for you guys: Why hasn’t OSU “honored” Orlando Pace’s #75 yet? High time we put that number in lights at the Shoe. — @ChristopherNoll

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  1. I am so glad Woody is gone! IF the awful uniforms in the UM game last year would not have killed him the play of this pathetic offensive line would have done it for sure!

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