Back In Black: Buckeyes Make Nebraska Blackout Official

Ohio State football Ohio Stadium blackout

Friday, the Ohio State football program made official one of the worst-kept secrets in Columbus: they will wear black alternate jerseys for their November 3 game against Nebraska.

The uniforms are similar to the ones they wore against Penn State in 2015 for the Blackout Game pictured at the top of the page.

And just like the 2015 PSU game, Ohio State is asking fans to come dressed in black as well.

Of course that game kicked off at night, giving the Horseshoe a dark, sinister appearance.

Thanks to Nebraska’s 1-6 record and the Buckeyes’ 49-20 drubbing at Purdue, this year’s game will be a noon kickoff.

That means the scene around the Horseshoe might suggest less “badass late night rock concert” and more “respectful public memorial service.”

If you’re looking to come dressed appropriately for such an occasion, the school will sell replica versions of the jersey for $134.99 starting on October 29, according to Andrew Lind. A tweet sent on Friday evening indicated they might be available immediately.

You can watch the full unveiling video for the uniforms below, as well as see detailed shots of the jerseys as the Buckeyes will wear them as well as the retail versions.

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  1. Classic….another boneheaded decision…..hey let’s wear black during a noontime game it will really intimidate the other team! Just curious….if you are going to wear shouldn’t the game be one that is played at night? Also, since when did black become the dominant color of the Ohio State Buckeyes?

  2. Hate it! Alabama hasn’t gone to this bullshit! Saban doesn’t go for it and doesn’t let his ad run the show!

  3. Well, I suppose black is an appropriate color for the rest of this season. The defense passed away on Sept 1, when OSU laid 31 on us and the corpse has been stinking up stadiums every since. Now it would appear that the offense is on life support and the coaching staff are making out their last will & testaments. Yeah, black seems to fit the bill.

  4. I have been following The Scarlet and Grey for over 50 years and have been very disappointed in the change of uniforms,the blowouts by unranked teams and the coaching,I wish we could get back to good O-line play and good defense and Scarlet and Grey Ohio State football!

  5. I bleed Scarlet and Gray not black! Why do we have to play dress up? Will this help the team play better? This is a charade! Poor coaching has produced a team that cannot score against teams who know how to scheme against a one-dimensional attack. There is no fire in the O-Line, not to mention a lack of discipline! Defense? What defense? Will black uniforms help them tackle better, read plays more effectively, or play with attitude? The answer is obvious!

  6. Wait til the mi game. They will probably wear these too. When was the last time we wore regular uniforms with regular helmets for the last game of the season?

  7. I hate that Nike completely ignores the traditional colors and the AD buys into this crap. Nothing but a money-maker for Nike. Agree 100% with Christopher Perry.

  8. Don’t know about you Don but I wouldn’t wear one if they gave it to me.

  9. when will they learn that the majority if die-hard Ohio St. fans can’t stand these alt uniforms??!! stick always with the scarlet and gray!

  10. Oh boy, I can’t wait (s). The last home game was pussy pink, now it’s all black. How about we look like Ohio State for a while and end the dress up girly party. Is this a football game or a slumber party? Watching this team play is difficult enough with the sissy’s pretending to block, the missed tackles, penalties and horrible coaching; now we’re going to play dress up! This team already rolled over, now they’re going to spread their legs. I haven’t wasted a Saturday afternoon yet watching these wannabe’s, I watch it on tape later and only suffer for 60 minutes. Looks like next Saturday will be the same.

  11. The color of the uniform won’t help this team … they flat out stink! They will continue to stink until Meyer has a reality check and gets rid of a bunch of coaches starting with Schiano.

  12. I absolutely hate the alternate uniform thing. Its great for start ups and trendy programs… but its beneath the dignity of a supposed Blue Blood Program (which is why you don’t see Alabama, PSU, USC) go there.

    Moreover, its kind of corny when you’re not playing well. But whatever

    1. Spot on, Christopher. Yet another chance for OSU to distance itself from it’s core identity. (And don’t the alternate uni’s always look SO cool?). Vomiting now…

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