Live Updates — Urban Meyer Radio Show 10.18.18

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Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer will take part on his weekly radio show today. We will provide live updates once the show begins around noon. Meyer will undoubtedly look ahead to Saturday night’s game at Purdue and how preparation is going this week. Injury updates will also likely be involved. Will right tackle Thayer Munford be able to play this week? He will also field dozens of questions from hosts Paul Keels and Jim Lachey on the Ohio State IMG Radio Network. Brian Hartline will join the show for the final 20 minutes. Refresh for updates once the show begins.

Brian Hartline

+ The Purdue defense does a lot of good things in the front seven. The back four is bend-don’t-break, so they don’t like to give up big shots. It’s a grass field, so they’ll need to be aware of their footing and they’ll need to run the ball better, and the receivers are a part of that.

+ Iron sharpens iron and the receivers job is to make the defensive backs better every day, and vice versa. The smack talk is all in good fun.

+ Blocking is always talked about and that is part of the culture. “If you can’t block, you can’t play at Ohio State.” Those are the expectations. It’s a buy in, but many times you are blocking for other receivers. Those guys are looking into the eyes of the other guys in the room and they don’t want to let them down when it comes to missing blocks.

+ He likes the growth that Binjimen Victor has made this season. As a coach you don’t have as much time with the players as you would like, so it is critical for the players to maximize each day.

+ Hartline shows the young players the example that the older players are setting. Those are the expectations moving forward in blocking and route running. Those things should not drop even as the classes change and players move on.

+ This is a great group of young men at receiver. They are making him a better coach. “They’ve made it very good for transition.” He comes in every day excited to talk and teach.

+ The receivers can speak for the entire team. They don’t talk a lot, but when they do they want it to be valuable. Hartline relates to that as a former player.

+ The experience at receiver has been “crucial” in helping a first-year starting quarterback. They communicate all the time and “he knows he’s getting valid information” from the receivers. Haskins doesn’t take that for granted. He can lean on the receivers for more things than simply catching the football.

+ He tells his receivers that they are allowed to get frustrated at a lack of targets, but what you can’t do is let it affect the team or the receivers as a whole. They can then talk about why that player isn’t getting targeted. This is a selfless group, but you have to be somewhat selfish to be successful. You have to work hard and you can’t rely on somebody else to get the job done. You have to be selfish enough to work hard. But this is also a group where Dixon took himself off the field and put McLaurin on the field because Dixon already had a touchdown. Hartline told his receivers that he doesn’t know if he would have been able to do that as a player, but it’s standard with these guys.

Urban Meyer

+ Another night game on the road. “We’ve been in a few of them.” Have to get healthy and be ready when the ball gets kicked off at 7:30.

+ Luke Fickell and Cincinnati are 6-0. Meyer’s son is a student there now. “We love Coach Fickell.”

+ They have tried to built on a legacy that was built by Woody and Earle and Jim Tressel when taking care of players after football.

+ When recruiting players, you have to find out how involved the parents are. You don’t generally recruit players whose parent(s) aren’t involved.

+ The Bosas will go down as legends at Ohio State, “and rightfully so.” They were a thrill to coach. “We wish them the best and I love that family.” When you start talking about being a Top 5 pick, you understand why he made the decision he did.

+ Purdue receiver Rondale Moore is involved everywhere. They have to make sure they tackle him on returns. He’s primarily a slot receiver, and they’ll sweep with him too. “Just a dynamic player.”

+ Backup right tackle Joshua Alabi had a great week of practice and has done well in Munford’s absence. They are hoping to get Branden Bowen and Brady Taylor back in the next week or so.

+ Jonathon Cooper and Malik Harrison are back. Robert Landers is probable. Thayer Munford looks like he is probable. Damon Arnette is questionable.

+ Urban Meyer agrees that the punt is the most important play in football.

+ Ohio State leads the nation in opponent starting field position, which is a credit to the OSU offense getting out from the back of their own end zone and also covering punts and kickoffs very well.

+ The PU defense is primarily four down, but they’ll play a bear front a lot.

+ They have spent quite a bit of time working on defending trick plays this week because Purdue will have something.

+ Ryan Day does a great job calling plays with Kevin Wilson. They dial up the screens when they need it and they do it effectively.

+ The offense needs to be balanced now that we are reaching Autumn. All you can do is continue to work on it. The practices this week have been excellent. Minnesota was a very good defense, but they still put up 500 yards on them. Ten of those passes last week were called runs, so those are considered successes in the run game.

+ They don’t practice one-handed catches, per se. Receivers do it on their own. Sometimes they’ll do it during practice and Meyer will yell at them. It’s one of those things you don’t need until you need it, but they work on it after practice as well.

+ This is an offensive line-driven program, but the receivers are right behind them this year. And there are good ones coming on too like Blue Smith and Chris Olave. The veterans continue to make plays for Dwayne Haskins.

+ The key to running tempo is having offensive linemen who will buy into it — especially in August when it’s hot and you’re practicing every day. “It’s a big investment.”

+ The way Ohio State blocks has changed throughout the years depending on the quarterback and the offense.

+ The defense in the second half of the last two games has been good, but the first halves were not. They have focused on enhancing their strengths and eliminating weaknesses. Third downs have been good, but the big plays have not been. Halftime adjustments have been good. They need to tackle better. It’s not about being outschemed.

+ Causing turnovers is a big focus this week, and every week. First you work on creating it, then how to recover it and return it.

+ Isaiah Pryor is improving “and we need him to.” “He’s getting a lot better.”

+ Meyer found out about four minutes before the game that Sean Nuernberger was hurt last week. Blake Haubeil stepped right in and played well. They have confidence him in. He will get the start on Saturday.

+ Meyer did have to explain to Blake Haubeil in front of everyone that players don’t need to signal that they are No. 1 like he did after his 47-yard field goal. After every score, the rule is to go hug a big guy.

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  1. I liked Luke Fickle to,he knew how to coach defense,missed him ever since he left,hope the defense picks it up and doesn’t lay an egg like last year to an unranked team

  2. same old coach speak….even the phrases are the same

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