Urban Meyer Laughs Off Scary Moment On Ohio State Sideline

Ohio State football head coach Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer is apparently okay following a frightening moment on the sidelines at Ohio Stadium.

Early in the fourth quarter, TV cameras showed Meyer down on his knees on the sideline, being attended to by OSU medical staff.

It happened right after Dwayne Haskins connected with wide receiver Terry McLaurin for a 17-yard touchdown pass to give the Buckeyes a 42-26 lead.

On the FOX TV broadcast, sideline reporter Bruce Feldman said, “Urban Meyer was pointing out the open receiver before the quarterback even could see him. He was kind of jump-skipping down the sidelines. He collides with one of his own staffers at around the 15 (yard line) and just crumbles in a heap.”

Feldman later reported that Meyer said, “I’m fine, I’m fine.” He also reported that Meyer said, “I’ll be OK.”

The FOX TV broadcast did not capture video of the collision, or anything of Meyer at the time he went to the ground.

The incident was unusual enough that it prompted speculation about Meyer’s health. He has had health issues in the past, including surgery to drain an Arachnoid Cyst in his brain in 2014.

That condition is not life-threatening, but did cause Meyer to suffer from headaches.

After the game, Meyer was asked about the incident. He did not mention a collision, but did talk about his history of headaches.

The full transcript of that exchange is below.

Q. What happened to you on the sideline there where you had to go down for a while like you were in the 15-yard line or so out of the coach’s box, but I’m not laughing but you know what I’m saying, I understood —
COACH MEYER: Sure you are. (Laughter).

Q. But you ran into someone. What happened there?
COACH MEYER: I dealt with headaches in the past, I deal —

Q. It was a headache. It wasn’t a collision. Did you feel like you might have to leave the game at that point?

Q. When did it come right for you, just a few minutes later?
COACH MEYER: Two minutes ago. No. (Laughter).

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  1. Did anyone else find themselves hoping the head “injury” would somehow remove the thought of QB runs from his memory?

  2. Urban has been added to my prayer list.

  3. Leave the guy alone. He’s been through a lot the past two months and there’s a lot of pressure on him that hacks in the media will never carry. He needs to shut up and let his doctor do the talking, otherwise this is a private matter, not another distraction for the media circus. It’s the unending bullocks from the press that’s going to kill him, not football. He’s certainly a type A personality, like Woody and Earle, but those guys died from old age, not coaching. Urban should take up chess as a hobby so he can channel his perfectionism into something that will have him on his knees constantly in humility and Shelley can be his Zen playing partner to keep her off the social media.

  4. Nobody will mistake Meyer for Tressel on the sidelines….even with a sweater vest. What a bundle of nerves! He definitely doesn’t instill confidence in me.

  5. Wear headgear………and don’t forget the mouthpiece Urban!

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