Live Updates – Urban Meyer Radio Show – 10.11.18

Urban Meyer Ohio State Football

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer participates on his weekly radio show this afternoon. He will provide updates on his football team, including players who may miss this week’s game, and will also give a look ahead to Saturday’s matchup with the Gophers. Defensive line coach Larry Johnson will join the show for the final 20 minutes or so. We will provide live updates throughout the hour once the show begins shortly after noon. Refresh for new updates.

Larry Johnson

+ This is where the freshmen turn into veterans, “and we’re starting to see that a little bit.” Freshmen can have success early on, then they hit a wall, then the wall starts to move. Alex Williams and Javontae Jean-Baptiste have looked promising at defensive end, but they’re not sure if they’ll play this year.

+ Chase Young is much stronger than he was last year, and he has also improved his technique. He is becoming an all-around defender who has a very high ceiling. He is getting challenged more and more, but he’s on the right track.

+ People don’t realize how much Robert Landers does for the defensive line. He is “challenged vertically” but he has great leverage and hands and uses his height to his advantage. He also does a great job of studying the snap count.

+ This is a big, physical offensive line. They can go lateral, but they do well going downhill and downfield. The defensive line will need to keep the line from moving forward and getting to the linebackers. They need to sacrifice themselves for the good of the cause.

+ Asked how to deal with the 6-8, 400-pound offensive tackle that Minnesota will start, Johnson said you have to make sure he doesn’t get his hands on you. They’re going to make him move his feet and you have to disengage quickly.

+ When you play in the Big Ten, it’s always physical and you’re always concerned about getting banged up. You have to find a way to get through it.

+ You need everybody to get through the rigors of the season. That’s the whole idea of rotation. Also when you get young guys in the game this year, you don’t have to worry about them getting acclimated to playing next year.

+ When they break down opposing offensive linemen, they have cut-ups of good plays and average plays. The players watch, then “write it up” and then decide the best ways to attack individually.

+ When guys come to the sideline, Johnson tells his players to keep their helmets on because they might be going right back in. He manages each player by giving them a number count in order to keep everyone fresh.

+ They self scout all the time to make sure they aren’t giving anything away. They also look for tells on the offensive line to get an idea of a pass or rush, which helps their get-off.

Urban Meyer

+ Tim Tebow makes the world better.

+ Minnesota has rugged players, tough guys, who are well coached. “It’s Big Ten football in October.”

+ Meyer wants 80% conversion on third and short, 60% on third and medium, and 40% on third and long.

+ Minnesota uses a wildcat, so they will need to be prepared for that. And they will expect some sort of trick play out of it.

+ When you see a light go on for a players is one of the best things about coaching. You saw that with Ben Victor and Shaun Wade. “Wyatt Davis is getting so close.”

+ Buckeyes need a little more out of Jashon Cornell. Meyer sees it coming and now is his time.

+ Opponents have been challenging the OSU run, even with the success throwing. That wasn’t necessarily the case last week. OSU just didn’t play well in the run game. Minnesota doesn’t blitz much. They bend, don’t break. They wait for you to make mistakes to get yourself off schedule.

+ Minnesota has an outstanding defense, but has to play a bunch of young players on offense.

+ The unsportsmanlike penalties have been a problem. They stress penalties, but penalties due to aggression aren’t always a huge problem. Penalties at bad times, however, are a problem.

+ Shaun Wade is getting better. “I noticed him again yesterday.”

+ Freshman DE Tyreke Smith is “very exciting.” He keeps getting better and better. He has a great future. The other freshmen and Antwuan Jackson need to keep working, but they’ll be fine. Everybody loves Tommy Togiai. He’s still finding his way a little bit.

+ Dre’Mont Jones is a battler inside. In the spring, he was right there with Nick Bosa as the best player on the team. There are really good kids on the team and Jones is one of them.

+ Tuf Borland is a monster. He is smart and unselfish and a great person. “I can’t say enough about him and I think Buckeye nation really appreciates him.” Pete Werner is going to play football for a very, very long time.

+ Meyer wasn’t aware last week that Dwayne Haskins was so close to the passing record at Ohio State, but admitted if he knew he was three yards away, he probably would have let him throw again, but never at the expense of disrespecting the opponent.

+ There’s been a decent run of quarterbacks under Urban Meyer as a college football coach.

+ Dwayne Haskins continues to get better. He’s always been able to throw it well, but Ryan Day has taught Haskins well to get the protections set and making the proper pre-snap calls.

+ There is still a coaching class at Ohio State. Each of the coaches will speak to the class throughout the semester. It’s more philosophical than anything else.

+ Meyer is really anxious to get J.K. Dobbins into the open field. They need to get him in the second and third level. They have big plays in the passing game, but need to get them in the running game.

+ Parris Campbell is very strong and will be one of Meyer’s favorite players of all time.

+ The receivers are very consistent. Ball security is first and blocking is second, and they excel in that area. Blue Smith and Jaylen Harris have been improving and could see more time in the near future.

+ The kickoff unit is very good but hasn’t been challenged much this year.

+ During halftime, the coaches meet together for most of the time, then with about five minutes to go, the coordinators present the adjustments to the players.

+ Ohio State’s defense made great progress in the second half last week, and also did a great job in sudden change situations. One of the mantras this week was enhance the strengths and fix the weaknesses. The strength is the pass catching. They are playing at a high, high end. The run game and the pass defense needs to get better though.

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  1. Give me Hilliard and I’ll take my chances in the middle. I like the positive approach though – its not Nick Saban but everyone has their own style – why call out the team in public as is the desire of many fans. You don’t win three national championships by being an idiot. That last national championship still has a lot of luster for me.

    1. Thejennings- Sure, I’m curious about Hilliard as well. I’d love to know the logic behind his lack of time. As fra calling out the team in public, that’s nit my desire or point. I’m just not for making up nonsense and hoping the public buys it, they are 2 different notions. Lots of work before this team can be a title contender.

      1. If Harrison is out this week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hilliard in his place. Unless they worked Browning in there during this week of practice.

  2. Tim Tebow? Good Lord, what year is it? And the Borland/Werner comments come off as the staff defending their starter choices through the media. Feel for Borland, he clearly isn’t right yet still is preferred over Browning with 2 good wheels.

    1. anyone who preached the Good Word is good for the world….Jesus is LORD!

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