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Buckeye Weekly Podcast — How Ohio State Beats Michigan

Buckeye Weekly Ohio State Football Buckeyes Podcast

In this episode of the Buckeye Weekly Podcast, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr take a more optimistic look at the Ohio State – Michigan game and point out the areas where the Buckeyes can potentially get the better of the Wolverines and eventually secure the win. There is plenty discussed, and most of it can even come true.

The Rundown

+ It’s here.

+ Friday is the start.

+ What do Michigan fans typically do after The Game?

+ You better not be at work on a holiday.

+ Columbus is great the weekend.

+ Block out your family, you’ve had your time with them.

+ Entire weeks of classes are skipped routinely.

+ The purpose of today’s show is to discuss OSU’s realistic possibilities.

+ The Buckeyes are not expected to win, but contrary to popular belief, it is possible for them to get a victory.

+ There are reasons to have hope.

+ It’s a home game and Urban “The Rival Slayer” Meyer is on the sideline.

+ Being at home is an advantage; Meyer against rivals is an advantage.

+ Urban Meyer is 26-3 in his career in rivalry games.

+ Meyer has never lost a game at OSU as an underdog.

+ The doubters are out in force.

+ Jim Harbaugh is 2-5 against MSU and Ohio State.

+ OSU brings the best passing quarterback in school history to this game.

+ Now that Dwayne Haskins is running the ball, the entire OSU offense is more dangerous.

+ Michigan’s defense is giving up yards on the ground lately.

+ A month ago, running the ball against Michigan was a pipe dream.

+ Three senior offensive linemen will want to go out in style.

+ The Ohio State defense can be very good at times.

+ Can Michigan’s offense make OSU defense bad in the same ways as other offenses?

+ Jim Harbaugh is more willing to open the offense.

+ Michigan hasn’t been tested the last two weeks.

+ Will Jim Harbaugh tighten up if it is close late?

+ The UM offensive line is good as a unit, but individually they can be exploited.

+ Tuf Borland is more suited for this game than most others.

+ Borland shines the most against north-south offenses.

+ UM’s OL coach used to be at Minnesota.

+ The Michigan safeties can be gotten.

+ This is the best OSU’s secondary has been.

+ There are favorable matchups for Ohio State’s defense.

+ We have no idea what kind of Jim Harbaugh we are going to get on Saturday.

+ Ohio State doesn’t have to play their best game defensively if they are going to play their best game offensively.

+ Michigan has the pressure.

+ Tom’s depressing prep talk.

+ Treat every day like it’s the Friday before the Michigan game.

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  1. …..on a side not. DAMN it’s fun watching an absolutely NON flashy team like Iowa just line up with the whole world watching, and shoving the football straight down Nebraska’s throat. Yep, I want Nebraska to win, but it really is enjoyable watching Iowa’s offensive line fire out and kick the shit their opponents defensive line.

    THAT is what is going to make or break the Buckeyes tomorrow. If they can run block AND pass protect, I don’t care WHAT scUM’s offense does. The Buckeyes will win.

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