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Michigan Game Trailer: ‘Legends Are Born’

The Ohio State Football social media team has released the trailer for Saturday’s game against Michigan.

The video features former coaches Earle Bruce and Woody Hayes, as well as plenty of heavy hitting.

There are highlights of past games — most of them good, which should also get your blood running.

Basically, if you are the excitable sort, you might get a bit loud.

If you are the type who gets loud and you’ve got a house full of sleeping people or pets, you might want to be mindful of them.

Actually, you know what, it’s Michigan Week.

People need to have their game faces on 24/7.

Who cares if people are sleeping. Crank this video up!

2 Responses

  1. It is time to shut up the Team up North! Tired about hearing how good they are, and the stupid “revenge tour.” They are coming to our house, “The Horseshoe!” The great Ohio Stadium! Don’t let that team stand in our way!! Happy Thanksgiving Buckeye Fans! See everyone on Saturday!! Go Bucks….Beat the Blue! Time to get serious!

  2. But is Schiano still DC with Horner and Werner at LB?

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