‘No Comment’ From Urban Meyer On Future Won’t Stop Questions

Ohio State football head coach Urban Meyer

Ever since Urban Meyer’s paid administrative leave was handed down back in August, there were some who speculated that this would be his final season at Ohio State.

They saw the university’s lack of support for Meyer as a significant blow to the relationship between the coach and the school. Meyer has denied any type of schism whenever asked this year, stating that his love for Ohio State is stronger than ever.

A few months back, a pay site reported that Ohio State and Ryan Day had agreed to make Day OSU’s head-coach-in-waiting. Soon after, just about everybody named in the report denied any such agreement.

Since then, speculation about Meyer’s future has arisen once again, but for very different reasons than were prevalent back in the summer.

Health concerns have been added to the equation, and the math is not insignificant. Meyer has been affected on the field and off of it by severe headaches this year. Even before the headaches were revealed, people were reading into every single Meyer mannerism that they could find.

For the most part, they were reading too far into things because, truth be told, Meyer has been animated on the sidelines for years.

One month ago, however, more paywall speculation about Meyer’s future came out, including those same mentions of health concerns. Meyer responded to that speculation in no uncertain terms.

“I plan on coaching,” he said.

He was then asked if he would for sure be back next year. His answer?


Rumors have persisted, however, which led to even more questions about it on Monday.

Meyer’s answer?

“I plan to coach.”

It wasn’t the most detailed or emphatic answer, but it was still an answer. Meyer then attached his standard answer-deflection technique on at the end by continuing seamlessly into answering an unasked question about Northwestern’s special teams.

Meyer has done this essentially since his arrival at Ohio State. When he is asked a question that he doesn’t want to answer, he instead answers a question he would rather answer. He laughs, reporters laugh, its an understood method of moving on.

The real question then becomes why he felt the need to deflect a question that he had just answered.

Then came the report on Friday from that Meyer has told OSU AD Gene Smith that he doesn’t plan to coach beyond next season and that OSU and Ryan Day are once again feeling the coach-in-waiting vibe.

Smith debunked the report and said no deal was in place with either coach. Meyer could have also debunked the report, but when asked about it in Indianapolis on Friday, he instead issued a subdued “No comment.”

As we all know, when it comes to people looking for answers, “No comment” can almost be seen as an admission of guilt. Guilt in this case would simply be that Meyer knows what his future holds and just doesn’t want to talk about it one day before the Big Ten Championship Game.

It’s completely understandable for Meyer to want his team focused on the task at hand and not be concerned about his future, but if there were no plans to leave Ohio State in the near term, he could have simply said so.

If he is planning on leaving soon, and doesn’t want to interfere with his team’s mindset, then really the only answer he could give in that situation was the exact answer he offered up — “No comment.”

Urban Meyer’s sole desire right now is to keep his team focused on the mission directive — which is beating the Northwestern Wildcats and winning a Big Ten title.

Nothing in Meyer’s statement from one month ago contradicts anything in Friday’s report, which could lend credence to an increasing belief around the program that Meyer’s future is certainly in question.

Now is not the time to address such things, however. Not one day before the second-biggest game of the year.

Right now, Meyer’s team has enough on their minds that speculation about his future shouldn’t be a distraction.

After this game, however, a “no comment” will not suffice.

Players are going to be asked, coaches are going to be asked, Meyer will continue to be asked until an answer is provided that is definitive enough to end the questions once and for all.

Or at least until another report of a rumor surfaces, that is.

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  1. Not sure why this is an issue right now.

  2. He should go. His mojo for getting Bucks to the playoff has dwindled. It’ll be 3 years in a row for not making the Sec/Espin/Mythical BS final 4.

    1. Urban can stay as long as he wants. Tim, you should go.

      1. Don’t get feathers ruffled Donald I’m here to stay!

  3. He’s said he’ll continue coaching several times and yet there is still a media feeding frenzy. He doesn’t owe anyone another protracted answer.

  4. He’s said he’ll continue coaching several times and yet there is still a media feeding frenzy. He doesn’t owe anyone another protracted answer.

  5. Urban is waiting to see whether the Board of Trustees will fire Drake before his contract expires in June 2021. I don’t think Urban can stand to look at the guy for two more seasons.

  6. Or, as in the world of public relations and unsubstantiated speculation goes……..let’s feed them bait so that their attention will be focused over here, while our efforts are FULLY engaged over there.

    Urban Meyer plans on coaching at Ohio State next year. Beyond that? Who knows. Tomorrow may not be promised to anyone, but until otherwise directed by the man himself……..Accept yes (he will return to coach the Buckeyes) as his answer……….and frigging move on.

  7. He gone. He could have ended this long ago but let it linger.

    He gone

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