Two-Minute Drill: Urban Meyer Post-Practice Updates – 11.7.18

Ohio State football head coach Urban Meyer press conference

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer spoke with reporters following Buckeye football practice Wednesday evening. He provided updates on the health of his team, as well as other personnel updates regarding the depth chart. He also looked ahead to Saturday’s game at Michigan State. The Buckeyes are looking to remain alive in the Big Ten East. Here are the highlights.

+ Tight end was a position that they needed to have guys step up in. Meyer said Luke Farrell will be a fine player here and he’s still young but he’s done a very good job so far.

+ Meyer said that he loves Keandre Jones and his blocked punt on special teams is exactly how he starts to earn his right to more playing time. He said he’s done very well in the kicking game.

+ Michael Jordan’s snaps were slow and low last week. When asked about concerns with snapping Meyer said it was a little inconsistent last week. But overall he said Jordan has done well. He just has to work on it and get better.

+ Branden Bowen and Brady Taylor are backups now that can help the team out. They’re not starting yet but they’re helping with depth.

+ Inside pressure by Michigan State is a big part of their defense. Meyer said they have very good players and the offensive line is working at getting better to face them.

+ Thayer Munford is feeling pretty good. For where they are at in the season they are pretty healthy.

+ The secondary is pretty close to all being healthy. The three corners are ready to go and they have good depth at safety.

+ Players that are frustrated and want to play are a good thing. The tailbacks were frustrated a few weeks ago because they wanted the ball. Tate Martell is frustrated because he wants to play and that’s a positive thing.

+ Safety order has not been finalized. He will know more tomorrow after a staff meeting in the morning.

4 Responses

  1. If Jordan still can’t snap the ball correctly after 8 games, maybe move him and find someone who can. That’s kinda important. But loyalty,

  2. UM is playing the loyal card,Borland and Werner are his boys,Haskins is his QB,and Shiano is his buddy!Give people a chance bench these guys!You would never see Nick Saben doin this bullshit!

  3. If you aren’t going to play White at safety, play him at lb. he can’t be worse than Werner or Boreland who is too slow to be out there.

    How jones isn’t given a shot is a joke.

    Pathetic coaching job by the entire staff

  4. Keandre Jones could play no worse than Werner and Borland.

    The snaps have been low and slow damn near all season.

    I swear Urban is just acting and talking plain odd right now.

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